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Sommet St-Sauveur - April 28, 2019


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To end the 2018-19 season, a trip to Sommet St-Sauveur was in order today. Leaving Sherbrooke at 6am with overcast skies, I actually drove through some snow by Mont Orford and there was a dusting on the ground. We have not had the best of weekends in the townships lately, and the 4 major areas are now closed. It was a smooth drive through the city and arrived at the mountain a touch before 8:30 to overcast skies and a temperature of +4 degrees. The dismantling of the Atomic Express is in progress as all the chairs are now off the lift line and placed in the lot behind the lift. There were racers training on the Nordique early, and the Etoile lift was spinning not yet open to the public. The lift was opening at 9, so I took my time to get ready and have a nice wind down from the drive. 8 trails were announced as open along with 2 quads and the Magic Carpet for the beginners area. 


The first run was down the 70 West. The trail was not groomed, however the snow was a nice soft spring granular. It was a great warm up for the legs. The coverage was still pretty deep, and not ready to give up even with the rain received lately. Then it was onto the La Plagne. The trail was groomed with good coverage for this time of year. A nice coverage of spring granular, and a bit firmer with the cooler temperature at the start of the day. On the ride up the Cote 71 Quad, It was noticeable that spring is on its way as there were some spots that were bare on the edges and some of the cut over trails were roped off. The Cote 71 trail was also groomed with spring granular with a few touchy ice spots but nothing that one could not avoid. The Cote 72 was pretty much the same. These actually ended up being the favourites for the day.

The top of the Cote 70 West:


La Plagne:


Cotes 71 & 72:



The snow really started to soften up more by 10:30 and you were skiing on mashed potatoes, and any snow piles that were made, you were pretty much skiing though them they were so soft. Nothing slushy. The wait was non-existent at either lift which made it easy for making quick laps. By noon my legs were starting to feel it with skiing in the soft spring snow. Park Daze was rescheduled to today from Noon 'til 4:00 pm at the bottom of the Silver Park. This was a great end to the season which was a long one and still going strong here at St-Sauveur. Until next season!

Here are some additional scenes from the day:





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Great report Paul. Impressive that La Plagne and the Cote 71 and 72 are still open. Coverage in those areas looks great, and what's not to love about La Plagne, other than the unfair dreaming that takes place of living in one of those beautiful homes.... oh well.... one day!

Any idea if La Plagne and that sector will still be open for next weekend or was it clear this was it?

Any other news on the Atomic? Any other dismantling or mainly just the chairs so far?

Thanks for the report Paul. Glad you made it out.

I'm hoping to make it later in May. My wife and I might stay over at the Manoir so I can ski a few hours. TBD...

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@Shane Only the chairs off the lift line has been done. The lower station is still in tact. I would think that if there isn't any major rain this week,  you could get another weekend or possibly 2. There are no bare patches yet on La Plagne. I think Cote 71 may go first though as there was one area that it's starting to get narrower.

If the weather holds up, they should get May 20th on the 70 glacier.

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Couple of panos from today!


The Chemin de Saint-Sauveur experienced a sinkhole as the creek rages past. Access via St-Denis is the next closest to the lifts.


No time for photos today - here’s my end of day pano from the T-Bar!

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