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The ski season ends

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Looks like all the forecasted rain for the Easter long weekend is putting a damper on the chance for another ski weekend.  Camp Fortune has called it quits. Smugglers Notch has done the same.  No doubt most of the hills in the Ottawa/Gatineau area will or have officially closed.  Bit of a shame as there is still a lot of snow on the hills.

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Looks like MSM will be open. From their Facebook account:

Ski this weekend. We are OPEN this Easter Saturday and Sunday 9-4pm. Vanier Chairlift. This will be the final weekend. Special reduced lift ticket of $19 for under 18yrs and $34 for Adults. Passholders from other Areas $27. See you on the slopes.

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So far what I have seen for the Townships, Owl's Head & Bromont have called their seasons. With the impending weekend weather coming in the form of rain, they threw in the towel. I haven't heard about Orford however their plan was to close for the weekend and assess the mountain before making a decision on opening for one more day. That may have changed I don't know yet. Sutton still plans to go on weekends until May 4-5th weather and conditions pending.

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A big change of open mountains from all the rain being received and forecasted. It would seem like last weekend was really the end. Indeed some mountains will continue for another week or two but in Quebec that will now number in the dozen or less.

Would be interesting to see if Mont Chilly does indeed open at some point this weekend. Definitely, an unexpected turn of events if they do.

I guess that marks the end of my ski season. Although it did wrap up at the end of December for me this year. Back to form next season that's a promise!

Who knows, my wife and I are hoping to do a one night stay in Montreal perhaps in May for a change of scenery. Maybe a quick stop to Sommet Saint-Sauveur, but who knows. For now, I consider myself done for the season.

Looking forward to some hiking in the spring and summer. Little Jean-Luc is eager to see some nature. :)

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Mont Chilly is open this weekend.  The last in the Ottawa/Gatineau area.  Get out the rock skis. 

From their Facebook site:

Mont Chilly is open today 20 April 2019 from 11-4 for its final weekend. It will be a challenging ski for intermediate and above skill level. Lift tickets at $10 today? . See you on the mountain ?.

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I am not 100% sure yet, but it looks like to me I'm done. I just can't accept the fact that my last day skiing was March 29th. Too early for my liking considering last year I was done May 27th. The past two out of three seasons ended in May. We will see what this week will hold and decide on where to go and who's left open if any.

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I can't believe you are all considering stopping at this point when there is still so much snow out there! Spent the last three days at St-Sauveur and even passed on Tremblant's last day for the better vibe at St-Sauveur's final day of the Atomic chair!

@Shane St-Sauveur is looking good and they would still be almost fully open this weekend if they didn't have to start breaking down the Atomic chair. btw, they are selling some @ $500/chair, communicate with guest services for info. If you have time for a side trip in May, you can expect 70 Ouest and Nordic to be in great shape through May 20th or maybe beyond!

@Gordo that goes for you too - St-Sauveur is not *that* far from Ottawa :) also there is still Jay Peak, Killington and Sugarbush.

@Paul also you. Also I met a guy from Sherbrooke today who told me there's still good terrain to hike over there.

come on guys, one month to go! :)


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Also - Saint-Sauveur will likely have the La Plagne and L'Etoile chairs up and running - whether both chairs run will depend on how many people they anticipate. I'd expect it to go maybe thurs thru sunday. I'm going to try for Jay Peak or Killington this weekend  if we have the budget.

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@Shane I think I stopped to take just one, a pano at the top during the same party they broadcast on fb, it was the kind of day to not stop and take pictures in order to get the maximum number of runs :) I have photos from Saturday also, but none from Sunday as it was a stop on the way to Ottawa.

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@Ocean The plan is to get up to Sauveur Saturday morning. I saw pics of Sutton and it's getting pretty thin in places. Still skiable though. Owl's Head and Bromont are done. Orford, not sure yet. A buddy of mine went to Jay last weekend and he said it was pretty decent but melting quick. 

As for hiking, there are decent places to go to but from what I heard at Orford with the construction going on, you will only be able to access Giroux East for hiking. There is a lot of work to be done on Alfred Desrochers as they are installing snowmaking lines and that section would not be accessible from my understanding. If you are looking at some hiking, hit up the Sentiers de L'Estrie website. They have a decent network of trails accessible as a member or by purchasing daily passes.

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@Paul you might want to abort for Saturday, or at least keep a close eye on the St-Sauveur page because it's rain all day Friday and will likely close, and they just moved the Park Daze event to Sunday which suggests to me they are keeping an eye on the weather which right now is mixed rain/snow and for sure they will close, or at least partially close if it's bad. Sunday is looking decent, but unfortunately the sun shifted to Monday. 

If by chance you do get to St-Sauveur and they close on you, on Saturday, you can still ingenuitively hike up the road that runs alongside La Plagne and ski down. Or pay a cabbie the $7 to take you to the top of the hill. The whole mountain is still looking great except for a break at the bottom of the La Fleche lift, and patches at the top of Epervier. It was a bit mushy on the bottom of 70 East the other day with some tall grass even sticking through :O but everything else is looking great. They expect to still run the Etoile and La Plagne lifts.

I might head to Killington or Jay. A night away might be nice :) 

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@Ocean oh yeah I had been keeping an eye on the forecast since writing that post and that forecast has now gone to hell yet again. The story of my season! I had looked around and Massif du Sud, for one brief moment was plan B until that forecast changed in a matter of 12 hrs from when it was posted. Now they are done for the season.That would have been on Sunday since Saturday was forecasted as being garbage. If I do go anywhere it will be Sunday, or it's raking the front yard, BBQ and beer in the afternoon and the season is done! 

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@Paul don't give up hope yet - St-Sauveur actually did open today, I am betting it might have been a bit crispy but probably not a lot of people so would have been good. I slept in til 2:30 and was feeling ambivalent so am cleaning the house. It is highly likely I will go there tomorrow though. I am contemplating Jay but my buddy Marc says because  it's cold conditions won't be stellar, although the Bonnie and the Jet will be open for sure, the tram may not be (I'll find out later today). So yeah. If you get it together to go to St-Sauveur Sunday, hit me up! I'll aim to be there around noon. The day is looking decent, if not a bit chilly.

Mont Video was supposed to be open today also but they have packed it in.

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