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Sommet Edelweiss - March 31, 2019


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Well this weekend was almost a mirror of last weekend.  Ottawa got mostly rain while the hills north of Gatineau got mostly snow.  Camp Fortune got only 5cms but Mont Ste Marie got 25cms over two days!

On Sunday, I made it as far Edelweiss as the roads were not great.  They got 10cms of fresh snow overnight  with only a couple trails groomed in the morning.  I arrived at 9 to find out there would be a delay on the start.  The high-speed quad could not run because of ice build up on the wires. They were trying to get the Streif quad going.  I guess they hadn’t run the Streif in a few days as the seats were covered in a thick layer of snow and ice. This meant they had to slowly clean off each seat which took almost an hour!  Inside they had the café open for breakfast but had no eggs?

When they finally gave the green light, I grabbed first chair and was off. Then it powdered down half a dozen time on the first chair. Not sure what the problem was but finally things went smoothly from there.   The conditions were great with a soft layer of 10cms.  Rockstar and Shotgun had the best conditions overall.  Streif had some crusty groomer crap under the thin soft layer. Zoomer and Telesiege were both nice and fast.  Zero line-ups, warm temperatures and great skiing. I stayed until around 2pm.  Not sure if they ever got the high-speed quad going.20190331_104547.thumb.jpg.e9e6914ccc9d295eb9adc5195e080e47.jpg


Waiting for the Streif Quad.






Old sign for the DNF trail.



Into the woods


Logs check, Ice falls check.


Not bad for March 31st.  Shotgun is just past the trees.

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It's not often that the Edelbahn Express at Edelweiss doesn't run when the mountain is open for skiing. Luckily the Strief quad gets you access to the whole mountain anyways. A better alternative than the Meister, unless you want to ski from the absolute highest point.

Hopefully the Skyline quad gets resolved without issue, so that the spring skiing can continue at Fortune as late as possible.

Coming back to Edelweiss, Shotgun is certainly one of the highlight trails to ski when it is open. I haven't skied it in several years. Is there still that sudden drop when you come out and head towards Streif near the bottom?

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@Shane actually the Edelbahn was having some trouble back in Feb, it kept stopping and they apparently couldn't figure out why, although it seems to me they fixed it by end of the month. I stuck to the Streif lift mostly this season. 

@Gordo looks like a great day! Glad I made it there a few times this season myself!!

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