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Mont Tremblant - March 22, 2019

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Well I had an airmiles ticket for Tremblant burning in my pocket and figured Friday would be the day.  The weather was looking a little suspect but while it rained in Ottawa, Tremblant got 15cms over night.  Heading out in the morning it was raining pretty hard but just after the turn off north on highway 323 it turned to snow and would snow for the rest of the day.  We arrived just past 9 after a easy drive.  What luck 15cms of semi-dense powder, no lines, no wind and temperatures around zero!  We did some north side trails before hitting the Edge for its 9:30 opening.  Conditions were amazing, so soft, so fun.  Later in the day things would get a little more sticky as the temps rose especially on the bottom half of the trails.  All 102 runs were open and we got our fill.20190322_134213.thumb.jpg.f18c93b0430cffaf6c18be2c7f4293b9.jpg  



The new Lowell Thomas Express Quad is fast.


The Edge


We hit a lot of untouched glades in the morning.








Lunch at the Cabin mid mountain







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The LTE quad is great, super fast and smooth.  As you can see from the one photo inside the Grand Manitou it looked busy and Friday was there was no lines for the lifts.  I suspect on a weekend the lodge it still packed. I did lunch at the cabin midway down the mountain.  Much better vibe.

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