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Camp Fortune - March 1, 2019

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Another beautiful day at Camp Fortune.  Full sun, zero wind and a temperature around -5c. Conditions are loose granular over a hard base. Fortune has done a great job of dealing with the rain then flash freeze of last Sunday.  The groomers are fast and smooth. By the afternoon some on the steeper runs on Skyline were getting scrapped down to the base but the Valley and the Meech trails were still very natural and softish.  The non-groomed runs and glades are still closed and the snow is cement like.  We either need a warm up or more snow, lets hope for both.  The next two weeks will be perfect for March break though as the snow pack is still impressive.  Ski on!






20190301_143324 (1).jpg

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Oh yay you went! On Tuesday night it was also well groomed but I expect much crunchier. Edelweiss the next night was still pretty slick with thin coverage but by Thursday was much more like what you describe here. Hoping for one more trip to Camp Fortune in the coming weeks!

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@Gordo definitely! Or Edelweiss. I won't be in Ottawa as much but I will be here for a consult and probably physio on my knee at some point, and am aiming for Tuesdays since I don't have a pass at Fortune. With what I've spent so far, I'm still under the amount I would have spent on a pass but definitely catching up!



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What a beautiful sunny day! That is the kind of day I love to go skiing. We have had more of those during the week as I stare out the window at work and say to myself why didn't I take the day off! Looks like they did a great job keeping the conditions great considering the weather they just had. It's cool to see to the left of the Quad, the old double lift line, and to see they had left a few towers standing. Usually a mountain would have taken them down but I guess no one would dare ski that old lift line as it looks pretty rugged so that is why they left them there I guess. Thanks for the report and the super photos!

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haha I fell off that triple as a child when the third person who got on with dad and I sat down after us and bounced me off! Thankfully it was a fluffy powder day and I was smart enough to keep my head down! I wasn’t hurt and the lifties put me on the next chair up but my arms were too short to pull the bar down. A bit of a freaky ride but it all ended well. Nothing quite as dramatic as the Grouse Drop!

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I think I may have some old pictures of that double chairlift, I will have to check. I don't think I ever rode it though. An interesting note is that the top station was a floating bullwheel, meaning the bullwheel was suspended by the chairlift cable and the counterweight cables in the air.

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