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Mont Cascades - February 23, 2019


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I got in a quick morning ski at Mont Cascades which is about 20mins from downtown Ottawa on the east side of the Gatineau River.  The weather was perfect with a high around zero and the sun coming out around 10am.  All the main trails were perfectly groomed with soft snow under your skis.  Fun Run, Crazy Creek, Detour and the Facade were left natural with loose snow and moguls.  Cascades was busy, its a top to bottom park trail with jumps, rails and a twisty ski cross like section.  Exhibition had race training on it but there was still space to blast down the middle under the old triple chair. Exhibition, Promenade, Gratton, Fun Run, Facade and the Cascades were my picks of the day. Today was the day to be out skiing with the perfect combo of conditions and weather. 


The top of Hogan with Camp Fortune in the background. 


The Gatineau river 









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@Paul Yep it was pretty much a perfect day.  Mont Cascades is a great hill for intermediate skiers as it has several varied blue runs.  Talking with a ski instructor I brought up the expansion plans.  By 2023 they should have a new quad down the backside of the mountain with three long black diamond runs and one blue. Lets hope this happens.

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