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Camp Fortune - February 19, 2019


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Well, all the snow from the storm last Tuesday/Wednesday has held up great at Camp Fortune. The conditions are killer with nicely groomed snow, perfect for high angle carving at high speed.  We arrived in time to get a bunch of runs on Heggtviet and Duffy before the sun went down just before 6.  The bumps and cliff drops on Duffy were super fun. Hegg you could just rail on.  Swan Dive was a little more of a technical ski as the bumps were huge and rather unforgiving. Pretty much all the other groomed trails were in excellent shape with the exception Bud Clark which was getting a little scrapped down to the base at the top section.  Overall another great night of skiing with a full moon adding to the ambiance.  Oh and the Boreale IPA du Nord-Est at the bar is super tasty.3.thumb.jpg.8ca6095b5cd0a8a66bacdd8593bcea63.jpg



Swan Dive.



Duffy in the sun.






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Conditions continue to look amazing. Swan Dive is the only trail at CF that I've never done. I'm personally not big on steep narrow trails and this one is a bit more adventurous than my liking.

Nice skyline photos near the end.

Thanks for your report.

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I think I did Swan Dive once when I was 14 or so. It's never ever been open in my adulthood on the days I've been there. I recall it being rather terrifying at that age lol.

I was also there on the 19th! My friend Pat got there around 5:30 and I got there closer to 7 and we did laps on all the Skyline runs, it was a little icy that night but mostly just at the top of Canadian in that one spot that it's always icy. 

In fact, I've been at Fortune almost every night this week, taking advantage of the last hour of the day ticket :D Sorry I keep missing you @Gordo!! To give you a heads up, I'll definitely be back on Skyline Tuesday night, bombing all the runs, which will hopefully be receiving fresh powder and not rain/drizzle. As of today, back to Mtl with a stop at Saint-Sauveur on the way, I'll be skiing there through Monday before heading back :D

Work has been super busy. I'm several trip reports behind at this point! 

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Last night I learned that the Last Hour ticket is a Skyline thing. The guy at the main lodge had never heard of it in six years he was there. The Skyline staff also told me it doesn’t always appear in their system but I haven’t had any issues buying it yet!

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