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Mont Ste Marie - February 13, 2019


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Welcome to the white room. 35cms of fresh light powder had fallen over night and it was still snowing when we arrived at Mont Ste Marie.  Only a single run was groomed everything else was left as virgin powder.  Total nirvana.  The temperatures were mild at around -5c and hardly anyone had made the hour drive up from Ottawa. In fact the lifts started a little late because there was so much snow to shovel out from the entrances and exits of the quads.  The new glades are killer and add so much to the terrain. Deep Purple and Vertigo fall through a steep pine forest before exiting at the bottom of Crescendo.  You enter the three runs (also the old Klotz trail) from the left of Formidable. I'll let the photos tell the rest of the tale. My legs were jello by last chair.  The best day of the year so far!IMG_20190213_122448979.thumb.jpg.ddebd0bfb0897901a6525659ddb18d5a.jpg 






Vertigo or maybe Deep Purple



Carroussel Glades





The entrance to Deep Purple involves a bit of trekking.








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Oh man that looks great!. Looks like you pretty much had all that white gold to yourself. Hope you rewarded that outing with a beverage afterwards, would have been well deserved. Nice photos. Gives you an excellent idea on what the conditions were........pure awesomeness! 

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12 hours ago, Shane said:

The new glades on Cheval Blanc look incredible. How would you rank them difficulty wise? And which would be the easiest to hardest?

Definitely, want to check these out. Hopefully I can get back on snow before the glades close... we will see.

Hey Shane

The Carroussel glade would be the easiest and shortest. Vertigo and Deep Purple are double black but with so much fresh snow they are pretty easy to navigate.  If it was more like hard packed moguls it might be kind of fast and somewhat dangerous. There are some cliff drops.  Klotz is not a glade but the old tight twisty trail from a while back. Vertigo and Deep Purple feed into Klotz before you exit out onto Crescendo.  Totally worth checking out.

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