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Incoming weather!


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Well a big storm is rolling in this Sunday (Jan. 20th).  Right now they are saying Vermont and the Eastern Townships will get around 30cms. If it tracks father north the Ottawa area will get hit hard.  I may have to go to Sutton if my area doesn't get the goods.

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@Gordo let me know! I could maybe do a Monday afternoon. Sunday at Bromont probably. 25-40 cm in the townships, 18+ inches at Jay Peak, Killington is calling for 2 feet. Maybe 15-20 cm at Saint-Sauveur but it keeps shifting. No major warnings for Montreal so your drive to Sutton should be ok til you get on the 10 if it is really blowing.

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The 10 is usually garbage from Montreal to about exit 55 if it's snowing with a wind. I've done it on occasion and it's not a treat. Even the run from the 10 down to Sutton on the 139 can get hairy. The latest for the ET is for 40cm of snow and extreme wind chill. Owl's Head has even estimated maybe 60 cm. Depends on the storm's track. Sutton can get more! If you go take it easy. I used to live in the area in Brome Lake and the weather can throw you a curve in an instant. Right now in Sherbrooke it's the calm before the storm. We even have sunny breaks as I write this.

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On ‎1‎/‎23‎/‎2019 at 8:55 PM, Shane said:

How is Titus? I know it isn't massive but how does it compare to what we have around here? Looks similar in size and offering to Camp Fortune.

Titus is bigger and has more vertical then Camp Fortune.  1200ft vertical and 50 runs (though all 50 are generally only all open on weekends or powder days). They also have more natural snow runs and glades then anything in the Ottawa area.  https://www.titusmountain.com/the-mountain.html

I was out night skiing last night at Fortune. All that beautiful snow we got on Wednesday has turned to cement due to the rain then a flash freeze. The grooming was a bit of a mess. Hopefully they can fix things up and new snow is on the way. They sure have a killer base now though.

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