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Mont Ste Marie - Cheval Blanc Lift Update


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For those who have visited Mont Ste Marie in the last couple weeks, you may have noticed that the Cheval Blanc quad chairlift has been running at a low speed and at reduced capacity (2 people per chair instead of 4). The motor was refurbished over the summer but there are issues that have come up, resulting in the reduced service. Mont Ste Marie sent out an update in their email newsletter today:


As most of you noticed during the Holidays our Cheval Blanc Lift was running at half speed and capacity. This was due to an error that was done when the motor was refurbished in Toronto (by a reputable multi-national electric motor company). With the Holidays over we have decided to get this problem corrected and it will take 7 days. As a result, the Cheval Blanc Lift will not be operating until January 16th. We do apologize for this major inconvenience and appreciate your understanding and patience.

The good news is we are getting over 20cm of snow tonight and with our snow making the entire Vanier Mountain will be open plus the Poma Lift. We will be open everyday this week. We will also be extending our hours this weekend with first tracks at 7:30am then open to all at 8am to 4:15pm. The Lift Ticket Price will be reduced to $39 (reg. $54)

We will be sending more updates throughout the week. Stay tuned! Thank you.



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Small update:

The Cheval Blanc lift's motor is nearly ready. It was sent to Toronto and the service is almost completed and tested. Everything is on track for the lift reopening on Jan 16th. Until then all of Vanier mountain is open with great conditions, even on the natural snow trails!

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I could have sworn that I saw an email newsletter recently saying that you could get a Touring pass and trek up Cheval Blanc and ski the area, even without the lift running, but I can't find it now.

Just checked their conditions site, and the lift is still not reopened. They are now saying Jan 18th (Friday).

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They did in last Fridays (Jan.11th) newsletter:

Ski Report

We have received over 30cm of snow this week which means our natural snow runs on Vanier will be open such as Serpent*, Crescendo*, and The Glade*. We will also be opening up Carol-Anne and Upper Tornade. Cheval Blanc will not be open this weekend (read below) but will be accessible for Trekking. A Trekking Pass is required and can be purchased for $15/day or $99 for a season pass at Customer Service.
The Bar will be the place to warm-up with a Spanish Coffee with Apres Ski featuring live music. See you on the slopes.
*natural snow runs means that natural hazards do exists so ski with caution, a cell phone, and a buddy. Have fun!

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