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Camp Fortune - January 1, 2019

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Happy New Year! and 2019 comes in with a roar. While Ottawa got a mix of snow (maybe 4cms), freezing rain and rain Camp Fortune got about 10-15cms! Anyway the best way to kill a hangover is to ski. I arrived around 9:30 with my sister in tow and almost got stuck in the Skyline parking lot which had not been plowed.  The place was a bit of a ghost town.  The temperature was a little below zero with some wind. The conditions were perfect with the new wet snow gluing to the hard pack which made for a great base for carving fast.  The ice was gone and we even ducked into some gladed areas which had just enough coverage to hide the rocks and logs.  All the main trails on Skyline were open with the exception of Heggtveit.  Hegg should open in a day or so though as it's covered in machine made snow mounds.  We caught the ribbon drop for the Meech runs just after 10 then did some runs in the valley.  The sun came out around noon. Pretty much a perfect start to 2019.IMG_20190101_115831528_HDR.thumb.jpg.dae45e70355a55fdef7dafc853a3f10a.jpg


The Skyline parking lot was a wet mess.


Where is everyone...hungover in bed?


You can almost ski under the lift now...just need another nice storm.


Skyline in all its glory


Bud Clark


This photo is from the Meech quad looking west.  Has Fortune been glading in this area? Will this be a future run off Paradis?


The woods west of Marshall are very skiable. 


My sister in the fresh stuff


The sun.


Slalom. Note the parking lot it's pretty much empty. 


No lineups on Skyline.



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Nice photos! Thanks for the report. Looks a lot better than what we received in the Townships. Higher up in the mountains would have been nice but at low elevations it was wet slushy snow and rain. Kinda jealous right now seeing those conditions. 

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Guest New glade off Paradise

Hi Gordo, 

good observation, we are finally ready to open the new glade, just needed to fine tune the exit onto North American. 

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4 hours ago, Guest New glade off Paradise said:

Hi Gordo, 

good observation, we are finally ready to open the new glade, just needed to fine tune the exit onto North American. 

Cool so it runs from Paradise into the woods then goes under the lift and through the woods to North American? 

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Guest New glade off Paradise
15 hours ago, Gordo said:

Cool so it runs from Paradise into the woods then goes under the lift and through the woods to North American? 

Yes that's right you get on from skier's right of Paradise, through the woods, across the lift line at town 5 or 6 and exit onto North American. It's all marked out now, just waiting to choose a name and get a sign up. But I think this rain may have ruined our hopes for this week. 

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    • By Gordo
      Wow, a sleeper powder day! What a way to end a workday. The snow started coming down heavy in Gatineau around noon and didn't stop. By the time I got to the Skyline parking lot, there were 10cms already on the ground. This would be the best day of the season so far. Loads of fresh stuff, almost no lines and creamy turns. Goggles were a must and I fought off some fogging issues. The temperature was around zero and the snow was a little wet but not overly heavy. I had no problem sailing through mashed-up powder. Heggtveit was my first run and how nice it was. If you arrive around 4ish hit Hegg first before they close it for the night. Every run on Skyline was perfect. Later we poled our way to the Valley side. So much untouched powder but then the power went out! I feared I would be stuck in the valley with my car on Skyline. After about 10 minutes they got the lifts going again but the trail lights were still off. We arrived at the top of Slalom in darkness. I feared the power on the lifts might not hold so we skied Slalom in the dark and jumped on the lift to get us back to Skyline. The lights came back on and everything went smoothly for the rest of the night. The last run was Canadian and we skied right to the car. What a blast, February has really redeemed this season. Enjoy the snow, the total was around 20cms. 

    • By Gordo
      Friday morning at Camp Fortune was a great way to end the week. The snow was coming down hard layering the perfectly groomed runs with 2-4cms of fresh stuff. Even a couple of centimeters has a great physiological effect on your skiing! Once again Camp Fortune has done an amazing job dealing with a very odd season plus low snowfall. All the main runs are open on all three sides of the resort. Only the glades and natural snow runs wait for a couple more snowfalls. I spent most of my time on Skyline and all the runs felt great.  There was little crust under the new snow but nothing a well-tuned ski couldn't handle.  Which reminds me I've been lazy this year and still need to wax! The valley side seemed to have more natural snow and Slalom seemed almost untouched.  I was expecting big line ups but the place was almost empty.  I've been skiing a lot of nights and from 2-4pm it's pretty quiet but then the lines form and it can get kind of insane. Of course, a 7pm close because of the ongoing COVID curfew doesn't help. Let's hope things change soon as the cases go down. All in all, it was a great morning and I totally recommend getting some fresh air on the slopes at your local ski hill.  I'll be back soon. 

      Have they cut down all the bush near the road? The view is a lot better.

      Top of Slalom in the valley.


      Looking down Heggtveit

      Canadian on Skyline

      Bottom section of Heggtveit
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