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Old Ski Season Passes


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Nothing better than looking back at old ski season passes from years gone by.

Here are some from my family dating back years ago when we were all younger...

The first few are from my mom.

Ski Vorlage - 1972-73


Edelweiss Valley - 1974-75


Camp Fortune - 1988-89


Ski Vorlage - 1992-93


More to come soon...

Please share yours too.


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Those are cool! My Glen Mountain passes were lost a few moves ago. They would have been from around 1982-83 & 1983-84 seasons. The best I can do is dig up a few lift tickets from the mid 1990's.

The red one is from 1993 and Green from 1994.


The orange one is from March 1993 and the Blue one from the last time I ever skied Glen in 2000


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