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Killington, VT Opening October 19th, 2018


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Alright boys and girls, it’s on like Donkey Kong! According to Killington’s website, they will be opening this Friday October 19th for Season’s Pass and Express Card holders. Ikon Passholders are required to pick up their lift tickets before heading out. The Ikon Pass is not a direct to lift option at the moment. General public will be welcomed on Saturday the 20th. The K-1 Express Gondola will be spinning and you will access the Peak Walkway for the trip to the North Ridge area. All details about opening weekend are found on Killington’s website via the link.


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Ok so here is a situation where it was perhaps a bit too early to self proclaim First to Open in the East.

Sunday River opened today too all it would seem, and not just members only, at 10am too. So exactly tied with Killington.

Check out the news post on it with photos : https://www.slopeedge.net/content/sunday-river-resort-welcomes-winter-back-with-2018-19-opening-day

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woo! New contender! They will never make it to the last though.

And, while Killington intends to open daily, some years they had to close in between weekends and occasional weekends to preserve conditions.

I am going Saturday or Sunday: I’ll see how I feel in the morning and depending on which day has the better weather.

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