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Passe-Partout pass on sale Oct 24th!


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From MaNeige: the Passe-Partout is on sale online and at Sports Experts as of October 24th. The deal offers five rebates per station de ski (2 x 35% et 3 x 25%) at all times. Also on your fifth visit to a resort, get 35% off for a friend. 

There are also some other interesting deals on MaNeige that offer access to multiple resorts:



French follows:

Le Ski Passe-Partout sera disponible uniquement chez Sports Experts en ligne et en magasin et ce, à partir du 24 octobre.

Le Ski Passe-Partout offrira cette année  5 rabais par station (2 x 35% et 3 x 25%) et ce, en tout temps! Autre nouveauté cette année : à votre 5e visite, offrez 35% de rabais à un ami. (sauf le samedi)

Le prix : 46,99$ +tx

Puisque ce produit est très populaire, nous vous conseillons de mettre cette date à l’agenda!

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I bought 3 Ski Passe Partout on the 24th. We tried registering 2 of them today and it says "C'ETTE CARTE EST DÉJÀ ASSIGNÉE À UNE AUTRE PERSONNE".

The cards this year do not require a photo on them. Can I still use the card? How can I learn to whom it is registered? Were you guys able to register your cards?

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Hello Grisatre,

Welcome to the Forum. I just registered my card, and I didn't have any issues. Normally you can see your card's registration from your dashboard within your profile on the maneige site. On the left of the screen, click the My Cards, and it should then show you the card number, and registered to your name. You might have to create a profile for each card holder and card number. Not 100% sure on that though. I have never had to register multiple cards on one account. If you are having issues registering your card(s) click on the Technical Support link at the bottom of the screen, you may have to scroll to the bottom to see it, and it provides their contact info to the call centre, and also an email address to reach out to them so that you can confirm your registration of your cards, and assistance on registering them correctly so that you won't have any issues using them. I hope this helps out in confirming the registration of all cards.

All the best,



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