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Coupe du Monde Station de Ski on Mont Royal?!


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While waiting in the line at the grocery store, I came across this article in Le Journal de Montreal (I think) which speculates that if the World Cup is held in Montreal, it could be that we inherit a station de ski right in the city!! I shamelessly snapped the article with my camera and posted below for everyone's reading pleasure, french only.


Coupe 2.jpg


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Very interesting news. I do know that spot was used as a ski area in the past. The T-Bar lift still has some towers and sheaves remaining in the old lift line to this day.

Taking a quick look with Google Earth I can get these "Guestimate" numbers and stats:

Vertical drop : 80 metres

Slope length : 0.3 km (965 feet)

I believe in the past there was 2-3 trails and it was served by a T-Bar. The approximate location and path of the T-Bar is the Yellow line on the aerial view below. The T-Bar started in the football field. Today there is a fence that blocks it off. Obviously over time nature has taken over the ski trails and they are all but impossible to see.

Would be something if it was also reopened for public use. Imagine riding the metro to go ski, even if it is small and short... why not?

Sometimes cool and unique sell, especially these days.


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