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Hello all,

Just a quick note to avoid issues down the road...

When sharing links, be sure to copy and paste the link or URL of the final destination page, rather than Facebook, Twitter or other redirected or shortened links as those have a tendency to expire after some time and no longer work.

Thank you and think snow! It's coming.

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I agree. As long as you add the source to the top or bottom so people know where it came from and the link, that would be the best approach rather than using just links.

I just added a QUOTES button, (5th from the left in the toolbar). Best to use that when copying pasting as it helps differentiate the text for this purpose. In any case, the source must be listed and the original URL address provided to avoid issues down the road.

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Just a follow up on this after further thought and research, I think that ultimately it would be best (and easier) to just share the link only rather than copy and paste any content but if you want to share more, here is what needs to be done to avoid copyright issues.

Articles, such as news articles or blog posts, must be posted in a special way to avoid copyright infringement Information about the source of the article must be given and only the beginning portion of the article text may be posted.

When posting an article please include the following information:

- the title of the article,
- the author's name,
- the name of the publication,
- the date of publication,
- a URL to the original article,
- only the first few sentences or the first paragraph of the article (not the entire article).

The exact format you use is up to you but it must contain the above information. For simplicity it can all be worked into a very short sentence, but it is important to cite the source correctly.

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