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Mark Arendz Provincial Ski Park At Brookvale - Brookvale, PEI


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While I have been off the radar this summer more than usual, this will hopefully make up for it......a little. I just returned home from a week in PEI and I could not leave the Island without a visit to the Mark Arendz Provincial Ski Park At Brookvale. Recently renamed from Brookvale Provincial Ski Park, to commemorate Mark Arendz's achievements as a paralympian for Team Canada. 


The hill is located in Brookvale, PEI about a half hour's drive from Charlottetown. It is pretty much in the central region of the island and fairly easy to get to. The mountain has one fixed grip Quad, and a learners magic carpet along with 9 trails and a vertical of 250 feet. Of the 9 trails, 3 are Easy, 1 Intermediate, and 5 are Difficult. There is a ski school and rental shop located in the chalet. The property is well maintained as you can see from the main photo. It looks like the trails are one big lawn to mow in comparison to some trails here at home that I have seen! This would make for less snow to be made to cover the terrain to get a good start.


The mountain is open from Wednesday to Friday in the afternoons, and all day Saturday and Sunday. Night skiing is available on Wednesday to Friday nights to 9:30 pm. Weekend hours are from 9:00 to 5:30. The unique feature here is that the Ski Park is the only ski area on the Island. If you were to compare this area with another, it would be with Mont Bellevue, but with a bit more bite as Brookvale boasts 5 difficult Black Diamond trails where Bellevue doesn't have any. It looks like a great place to ski. 

Some other photos of the Mark Arendz Provincial Ski Park At Brookvale:






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Wow amazing find Paul. Amazing. I didn't know there was actually any lift operated skiing in PEI until your report.

The place looks quite interesting, and well kept, especially from the first photo.

While it may only have 250 feet of vertical, the trails do look to have a constant pitch and drop to them, which more than makes up for it.

Mark Arendz achieved a single games record by winning 6 medals in the Paralympics of 2018.

Thank you for sharing Paul. Definitely a place to check out if I'm ever in the area in the future.

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Hmm interesting, I thought there were actually two ski resorts on PEI but perhaps one has closed now. It’s hard to imagine a “difficult” level slope given I’m so familiar with the profile of PEI’s rolling green hills, but I’ll definitely check it out if I get the chance to visit my family there in the winter!

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