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What are you most excited for in Winter 2018-19?


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What excitement or hype has got your attention for the coming ski season?

For me, the two new lifts at Bromont and Tremblant got me on the edge of my seat. Can't wait to try them.

I am also very eager to see how the big changes at Owl's Head play out and what on-mountain improvements they have made for this first year under new ownership.

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There are several ski mountains, like just the other day Ski Saint Bruno, who also received an investment from Quebec, that mention ski lift improvements in efficiency and upgrades. Whether that mainly refers to maintenance or some actual tangible improvement (Speed, Better Seat covers, better lift line management, etc.) remains to be seen.

In a side note with all the investments, I'm a bit disappointed to see that Vorlage never got any investment. While the mountain themselves have to make a sizable investment to get some percentage covered by the Quebec government, I can see them as benefiting more from help than some of the larger mountains, specifically Mont Cascades that seems to have a good financial position. At the same time Edelweiss didn't get any investment either, but other than a new lodge I'm not sure what can be improved, as the ski area is physically limited on the left side and the right side has a hard stop near the bottom due to the snowtubing park.

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I am curious and excited to see what Owl's Head will be like with the work being done this summer and how the chalet will turn out.

With all the work at Tenney Mountain, NH this summer, I am hoping that a return visit is in the cards for an update, and possible inclusion in the guide. Bretton Woods with the new Gondola is piquing interest. 

If the exchange is horrible again this winter, there maybe fewer US trips and more Quebec exploration.

Can't wait for the upcoming season.

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