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Trust & Credibility - Editing Posts now Limited to 24 hours

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Hello all,

I would like to bring to your attention a change that has been made to the SlopeEdge Forums. In an effort to always remain a trusted, credible and accurate source on the internet that can be depended on, the following change has been made to the usage of the Forums.

Editing Posts is now limited to the 24 hours following the initial posting.

In other words, from the moment you post something on the Forums, it is only available to be edited for the next 24 hours. After this time, that post will become locked.

If ever there is something that needs further clarification, the best approach has always been to create a new post or reply and address it there.

This is a recent trend on the internet used on a lot of forums, whereby it has been found that editing posts at a later date can break the discussion that happens below it, and render points inaccurate or destroy the conversation. Other sites that have implemented this policy typically set a time of 3 minutes for editing, however I think 24 hours is more reasonable and gives enough time for you to verify if needed your posts for accuracy before they can no longer be edited.

I would like to add that the ability to edit posts has never been an issue in the past on the site. This change is mainly to enhance credibility and trust in what we share on SlopeEdge and that it remains accurate and unaltered over time.

Thank you for your support and continuing to make SlopeEdge a trusted and credible source for Skiing and Snowboarding on the internet.

If you have any questions, please let me know and I will be happy to discuss.

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Speaking of credibility though, what is with that mountain shot in the background...that doesn't look like the East!

Also just now when I went to add an additional response, my earlier response was still copied into the window, maybe a glitch?

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Hi Ocean, good call on the background, I'll update it shortly to be of the East. As far as your earlier response still being displayed in the window, the software has had that feature for a while now that if you leave or refresh a page before posting it, it will (usually) keep the originally entered text and not present you with a blank. Although if you had already submitted it was probably a momentary glitch. But I'll keep an eye on it.

I would like to add that even if you post a report and some photos, if you come back later with more, it's better to add an extra post / reply to the original, so that the new additions are easily seen. Editing later can make it hard to spot what's changed, or added so it's easier for visitors in general to see there's something new.

Thanks for your feedback and support.

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Just an update, the edit window has been extended to 24 hours.

Just to explain the position on this better... as the ski reports and mountain experiences (among other things posted on the forums) can be considered as a type of review, and also the fact that they are often shared by the respective mountain or business in social media or linked to on their official websites, the content should remain static. If things change at a later date in the post, it is no longer indicative of the feelings, sentiment or experience as it was at that moment it was originally posted or dated. Plus editing stuff later on just makes it harder to follow what has changed and things can get missed when skimming through. Always best to create a new post below your original ones if you have to add stuff later, easier to follow.

Just like on Trip Advisor and many other sites, there is a limited window to edit. In Trip Advisor case it is actually 5 minutes, or less if a post is made after yours.

Thank you again for your understanding and support.

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