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Snowfeet - A new way to enjoy the mountains?


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One of my co-workers (quick shout out to Philippe), showed me this today. It's called Snowfeet, clip on to your boots to allow you to 'ski' down the mountain. Seems to be available in short and longer versions. I guess it could be seen as the next evolution of snowblades but even smaller. 

The riders in the video seem to be moving at a fairly decent speed, but I'm not sold on the overall safety just yet.

You can learn more here: https://www.snowfeetstore.com/about

What are your thoughts? Have you previously heard of this or seen anyone using them?

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I seem to recall something similar to this back when I was working at Owl's Head in the 90's. It was a ski boot that had a form of a runner underneath with the tip of the boot shaped like a tip of a ski would be. They didn't last long, and then it was Snoblades after that. I would agree about the question on safety of those runners.

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