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Sommet Saint-Sauveur projects for winter 2018-19

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Hey all,

Not much details on what's going on at Saint-Sauveur for the coming winter but we usually find out in September all the details.

So far, they posted just a few days ago on Instagram this teaser of work being done on the mountain. Words such as dynamite are being tossed around, and the comments that accompany are alot of people hoping it's for a half-pipe setup. No idea, as it isn't clear from the shot where on the mountain this is happening. Anyone have any ideas?


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I found out that the dynamite and some related work is for improving the snowmaking efficiency and lines on Red Bird. The intent is to allow it to open much sooner than it has in the past to be able to offer beginner terrain top to bottom. More snowmaking guns and fans will be installed.

Also possible, although not mentioned but my guess, is that they may widen one or two spots where it get tight with skier traffic (at about the mid point down). Not critical but if they are working on the trail they may fix the one real pinch point on Red Bird to allow skier traffic to flow a bit better.

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