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What are your choice tunes to listen to on the drive to the mountain?


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Let's face it, the ski mountains aren't down the street from where we live, and whether you ski locally or farther out, there is time spend driving in the car. And when driving, the tunes are often rockin. What are your typical tunes to jam during the trip?

Personally, I used to have Sirius Satellite radio, so i would often have it on Watercolors (Modern Jazz). Some of my favorite  artists to listen to are Paul Taylor (who plays a mean Sax), Euge Grove, Marion Meadows, The Sax Pack, etc.

I also love soundtracks, mostly from games (Destiny, Halo, etc.)

What do you all listen to?

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I usually have a little heavier playlist rocking. Some good old classic rock is the morning wake up for those long trips to the US for me. Deep Purple, Rainbow, Styx, and Journey just to name a few. Lately, a lot of Greta Van Fleet has been filtering onto the playlist as well. Just to clear the palate after some hard rocking, I'll have some Harry Chapin or Jim Croce mixed in there, and some James Taylor too.

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Hey Paul

I caught Greta Van Fleet live at Bluesfest a couple weeks back. They opened for the Foo Fighters.  They rocked!

Regarding tunes on the way to the hill I'm kind of all over the place. Sabbath, Beastie Boys, Black Keys, Hawkwind etc...

One thing I don't do is listen to tunes while skiing which seems to be the new norm. Everyone plugged in all the time.  

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Lucky bugger Paul! Lol. GVF is rocking it hard and glad to see you got to see them.

Interesting comment about being plugged in while skiing. I thought there was a regulation against listening to music while skiing. If you have your ears plugged in, and you can't hear any other skiers around you, and you end up cutting someone off causing an accident, are you not responsible for causing that accident? You would have no idea what's happening around you with your ears plugged. Riding the lift in one thing, but skiing plugged in is another. Interesting topic for discussion.

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I agree. Music on the lift is ok in my opinion. But skiing or snowboarding with the music pumping loud to block all around you is not safe or responsible. There's other people on the mountain around you, you aren't alone and need to be aware of your surroundings.

Luckily I have seen this but in my experience hasn't been too common.

I love hearing the sound of the snow, never going to block it with music while going down.

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