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The First Indoor Ski Complex Comes To The Western Hemisphere

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New Jersey will be the home to the first indoor ski slope in the Western Hemisphere come March 2019 if all goes as planned. American Dream Meadowlands Complex will be the home to a large attraction resort located in East Rutherford, NJ. The big attraction there would be the 800 foot vertical indoor ski run at Big Snow America. It will utilize the same snowmaking technology as a traditional system under a climate controlled setting. It will boast a chairlift, one would assume a quad chair, and would cater to all skill levels, but will focus on the beginner and intermediate skier. Below is the link to the full story and details on the ski complex. Anyone for some skiing next August when it's a billion degrees outside?


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I love this development. There are plenty of indoor ski areas in the world but this will be the first in proximity to the East of North America. A bit of a drive but perhaps worth a visit in a couple years during the summer. Eager to see what it will look like once completed and open. (Especially the layout of the trails and the lift).

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