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Hiking - Discovery Trail in Gatineau Park - July 8, 2018

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Finally the heat wave is over, and we can once again enjoy nature and the outdoors without working up a terrible sweat. Heading out around 10am, we forgot that it was Sunday Bike Day, meaning the parkways in Gatineau Park are closed to vehicle traffic. Our original destination would have been the Pink Lake trail, but not currently being accessible by car, we decided to go to the Discovery Trail instead, located along Meech Lake.

This trail can be accessed from the O'Brien's Beach parking lot (just minutes past Camp Fortune). 

This trail starts off with some long hilly, but smooth terrain,  before arriving at a small bridge crossing a stream off of Meech Lake. You can also catch a glimpse of the Lake and Kayakers in the distance... that was us just a few weeks earlier.

Continuing on, you will arrive at a signpost, at which you can head left and visit the Carbide Willson Ruins (see last year's report here: https://www.slopeedge.net/forum/topic/862-gatineau-park-carbide-willson-ruins/).

Overall, this is a relatively easy trail to enjoy. There are some climbs to do, but the terrain is all smooth and well maintained. The nature is stunning and the alternative views of Meech Lake by the small bridge are worth the visit.


More photos of the visit:IMG_0023.thumb.jpg.4e7aaa3cb5bfbd3da696ee57ea624f03.jpg














Happy trails.

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