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Surprise trip report: Sommet Saint-Sauveur May 11, 2018!

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I checked my messages first thing when I woke up this morning at 11:30 to discover one from my snowboarding buddy telling me she was stuck at work but that Sauveur was open! I had a few things on my plate today but aimed to get up by 2:30. Of course the work day dragged on with one thing after another, but finally I made it out the door!! After a slow drive up the 15, I pulled into the parking lot, just before 4pm. Already a short day on the mountain, today's strategy: bomb all the runs!!! At this point, only 70 Ouest and part of the very bottom of 70 Est are open along with the top of Nordique, which is doing great with a few sketchy areas (imo it'll be done by Sunday). Unlike last week which was quite sticky and/or icy, the cool air and rain this week chilled things so that conditions were good slick spring corn. I did about 7-8 fast runs within the hour, and then ran some errands in Saint-Sauveur while awaiting return rush hour traffic to debate. No time to hike up with my board tonight as I had to get home for homemade margaritas and tacos. All in all a fantastic day, except for the part about being stuck at work longer than anticipated!

(I swear I'm downloading my pics tonight. The ipod cable is right next to me. It's happening!! Stay tuned for photos edit to this post!).

skiing 2018 5C 255.JPG

Nordique bottom is looking a little sad :( 10/10 would still ski!

skiing 2018 5C 257.JPG

Nordique middle skis great!

skiing 2018 5C 258.JPG

Nordique near the top - you can't see it but just beyond the edge there are some narrow and uncovered spots.

skiing 2018 5C 261.JPG

Just another obligatory selfie with a view!

skiing 2018 5C 269.JPG

I forgot to get some snaps of the top of 70 Ouest but it is still in great shape! This is the middle section before the final pitch. I'd say it's good for another week for sure!

skiing 2018 5C 273.JPG

Beam me up!

skiing 2018 5C 275.JPG

70 Ouest pano! Starting to look pretty green out there! The little wooden platform to the right is my break spot when I hike up :D

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I was out for 2 hours on Saturday early morning. Conditions were great, but I too think Nordique is done after today (Sunday), as there are some sections that are getting quite thin. 70 Ouest still has another week, perhaps two to go. I could see the mountain going maybe a week beyond next weekend but with the waterpark opening on June 9th, I'm sure like in the past they will have to turn their attention and mobilize to get it ready. There is still plenty of snow around the base area and all over the waterpark terrain.

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Yeah I’d agree with your assessment that Nordique is done. I think next week it’ll be 70 Ouest and you’ll have to unstrap your skis/board to ride the lift as by end of day it was thin and mushy at the top (getting off the lift). I doubt they’d go into June but they might open Friday June 1st, you know, for the glory.

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