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Bromont - Launch of new Altitude investment project - Hybrid lift

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Bromont has just announced their Altitude investment project, with a video highlighting the new summit lodge, as well as the new lift that will be installed to replace the #4 lift on Versant du Village. After earlier discussions that the lift would be a six-passenger chairlift, it is now announced that it will be a 6-passenger chairlift / 8-passenger gondola Hybrid lift. In total, more than $25 million in improvements.

More water slides and zip lines are also shown in the promotional video. Also mentioned are improvements to the main chalet on Versant du Village and to the one on Versant du Lac.

The new waterslide will open in June this year. The new lift will be built by Doppelmayr and open in time for the next ski season 2018-19. The summit chalet will start construction this fall to open the following ski season 2019-20. 



Here is the official press release on the announcement.


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  • 4 weeks later...

I was out at the Bromont Flea Market today and got a couple of shots of the mountain. The snow is pretty much done but I took a super zoom with my camera of the summit and you'll notice the crane at the top getting ready to take down the upper terminal of the Quad. The towers are still in place for the time being and the cable is off the line. 



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Nice pictures Paul.

Looks like things are progressing well so far. The drive section of the summit terminal appears gone already. I'm sure the Bromont maintenance department won't miss that lift.

Thanks for the photos. I'm disappointing that their webcams are offline, which would have given a great view of the base terminal and what's going on there.

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  • 1 month later...

Here are some update photos from today of the summit at Bromont while at the Flea Market. Pretty amazing difference in about a month. At the Flea Market by the Autoroute, you are still a good 2 to 3 miles away to the summit. These were taken with my Canon SX-510 HS point and shoot camera with a ridiculous zoom on it. 30x optical zoom and these were taken at 60 to 75x digital zoom. 




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Those are great pics Paul. Thanks for sharing them.

They really are following through with their plan to level the summit area, which I find is a good idea. It was always awkward to arrive on one lift and have to loop around like you were on a different step or floor than the other lifts, so it will be good to have it smoothed out finally. Plus I'm sure they need to rework the summit to accommodate the future summit chalet as well.

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  • 1 month later...

Bromont just had a media event to announce the launch of Phase 2 of the Altitude project. Shown on instagram, they have an image that mentions $100 million in investments. More details to follow but here’s the press release on CNW in French. 


This second phase of development at Bromont promises an enlargement of the welcome, arrivals and mountain access areas and services on the Versant du Village, as well as the addition of new activites that will enrich the four seasons offerings.

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  • 1 month later...

Bromont have announced the name of the new lift : L'Express du Village.

Here are some stats on the new L'Express du Village lift as provided by Bromont.

  • Capacity of 3220 people per hour.
  • 72 - 6 passenger chairs.
  • 18 - 8 passenger gondola cabins
  • 4 chairs separate each gondola cabin
  • 4 minutes 25 seconds to reach the summit, which is a reduction of 55 seconds from the old lift.

For comparison with the old #4 Versant du Village lift being replaced:

  • Capacity of 2400 people per hour.
  • 108 - 4 passenger chairs.
  • 5 minutes 21 seconds to reach the summit.
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  • 3 weeks later...

Penseur on Remontees-Mecaniques.net has posted some pictures of the current progress of the new lift.

You can find them here: https://www.remontees-mecaniques.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=12714&view=findpost&p=302197

From the pictures, the bottom terminal is going up, and the enclosure shell for it should be up in a matter of a week or so I would guess. Farther up the line, the towers don't seem to be installed yet. We don't see the summit terminal and it may well be more advanced. If so, it would be more or less around the same point progress wise as the Lowell Thomas at Tremblant.

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I drove by Bromont today on the way to a family party and it looks like the top terminal is going up. I saw some activity up there since the last time I was in Bromont at the flea market. No pics though. Too cloudy to get a decent zoom in shot of it.

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Two weeks ago Bromont posted a construction update video. It shows the new lift going in, the summit and new summit chalet foundations, improvements to some trails (grading and widening) among other things. Its short and sweet, worth watching. Needless to say, the new summit chalet will have a great view of the region.

Important to remember, the new hybrid lift will open this year, the summit chalet will only open the following season.


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  • 1 month later...

Here are some screenshots from the Summit webcam. You can clearly see how the top has been greatly flattened from before. The new Hybrid lift and the Versant du Lac quad are now at the same level. Wonder if they will bring the top of the fixed grip Versant du Village quad closer to this area, as it still is a touch downhill from the actual summit and the other two lifts.


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The chairs and most gondola cabins appear to be on the line now. Some left to load.

Bromont is aiming to open the new Express du Village lift slightly before Christmas. That gives them another week to finish it up. Today being Saturday, I was checking the webcam and there were people working on the lift and loading more chairs and cabins.

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Bromont held the official inauguration ceremony of the new Express du Village hybrid lift today. After 8 months of work, the lift is finally ready. It will open this coming Sunday at 8:30am to the delight of all skiers and snowboarders.

Here are some photos and video from Bromont's Facebook page from the inauguration. (Credit Bromont facebook page)




Here's a recap of some stats on the lift, compared to the old detachable quad it replaces.

The new L'Express du Village lift.

  • Capacity of 3220 people per hour.
  • 72 - 6 passenger chairs.
  • 18 - 8 passenger gondola cabins
  • 4 chairs separate each gondola cabin
  • 4 minutes 25 seconds to reach the summit, which is a reduction of 55 seconds from the old lift.

For comparison with the old #4 Versant du Village lift being replaced:

  • Capacity of 2400 people per hour.
  • 108 - 4 passenger chairs.
  • 5 minutes 21 seconds to reach the summit.

You can read the official news release here : https://www.slopeedge.net/content/inauguration-of-the-new-chairlift-l-express-du-village-at-bromont

And here are some photos from the webcam today, first the morning and then the evening.








Don't forget... just to the side of this new lift... a summit chalet will rise for the following ski season. Big changes at Bromont to come over the next years, this is only the start!

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  • 2 weeks later...
  • 3 weeks later...

Seems like the new lift has been running into some issues. Again it is closed now for the past couple days. Not sure what is going on, hoping they can get things working at 100% soon.

It doesn't need to be said that this is the most advanced lift in Quebec, and as such it is a complicated piece of machinery and pieces that operate at a very specific timing and speed. I don't doubt it will be reliable very soon, but it is something that takes time to achieve.

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Yeah my friend was there the other night and she said people were stuck on it for 1.5 hours!!!! And that night was cold, but at least not cold like tonight. Imagine being stuck on the chair in this weather, ick. I'm sure it'll get sorted. I honestly expected some lift glitches which is perhaps why I haven't hightailed it out to Bromont to activate my pass yet. I had honestly planned to avoid the chodola altogether and stick to the super slow old lift, it's always a nice ride anyways.

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    • By Ocean
      This Saturday was the fourth in the series of eight Nuit Blanches at Bromont, where you can ski from 8AM til 2AM. We were also graced with a forecast for a reasonable storm that would bring 15 to 20 cm to the townships. The storm was to begin at 5pm, leaving plenty of time during the day to relax and prepare for some serious night skiing in prime conditions. I didn't rush and planned to go after 9pm, giving the snow some time to accumulate on the granular and icy base (which was still recovering from last week's ice storm). After spending the afternoon lounging around the house and getting a few neglected chores completed, I got ready to go, and packed myself a Creemore and deli sandwich snack since there are very few snacking options in Bromont after 2AM and I have reached my quota for tolerance of Tim Horton's already this season.
      I headed out about 9:30, and snow had already accumulated on the car so I took some time to clear off the snow and remaining ice from the previous storm before heading out. Of course, I immediately got stuck behind a plow before even leaving the city....and then another one. Once I hit the 10, it was a comfortable place all the way to Bromont with no visible accidents thankfully, despite the blowing snow and low visibility. I rolled into P5 around 11:30pm and started getting ready to go. My snowboarding companion Ilana had already arrived a short time before me. I was ready to hit the Lac du Lac chair just before midnight. 
      I started out with a few easy runs on the Versant du Lac side - I'd skied seven out of the previous eight days and took some time to warm up properly before heading down the Versant du Village side where I met up with Ilana at the base. We got in about ten nonstop runs down Brome, Bromont, Knowlton, Cowansville, Coupe du Monde, and Bedford, and while we mainly caught the chair for efficiency, we also took advantage of the gondola for a couple of rides where there was no line. 
      Conditions were excellent all around - there was not a single icy run to be found, although Coupe du Monde still had a few questionable spots in the middle of the steepest pitch, and the wind was blowing snow around at the peak, making the point of departure a bit slick. The snow was accumulating quickly and each run had a new layer on top each time. Surprisingly, Nuit Blanche wasn't as busy on a powder day as we would have expected - it was steady, but not busy, and we rarely had to wait in line. For that reason, there was plenty of untouched terrain to plow through if you stick to the edges and little side trails.
      In total, I managed to get in about ten nonstop runs in two hours. It was truly wonderful to surf the freshly accumulated powder with cold but reasonable temperature and no overcrowding. For our final run we took an easy run from Toronto to Halifax to Pittsburgh on the Versant du Lac side. We got back to the car, split the Creemore and I put my sandwich artist skills to work for a delicious ham and cheese on ciabatta snack. The drive back to Montreal was a bit more forgiving, and my partner had prepared a late-late-night snack of lamb tacos with tamarindo tequila jarritos. 
      It was a bit cold on the lift and far too wet to take my phone out too often, so here are some quick snaps of the night - one of the best evenings of the season so far! 

      Riding up the chondola about 2/3 of the way to the top! Just look at that beautiful accumulation and it's still coming down hard!

      Riding the chondola chair with Ilana, the stoke level is high!
    • By Shane
      It's the beginning of March Break in Quebec, the weather is warming up, and spring skiing has had an early start. Today's destination was Bromont, a place I really enjoy but had not visited in 5 years. The weather was mild, hovering around and above 0 degrees Celsius.
      Heading up from Ottawa, the 3-hour drive goes quickly thanks to the route being made up entirely of highways. The 'new' highway 30 that bypasses downtown Montreal is completely worth the $2.80 toll required to use it.
      Arriving at Bromont shortly before 11 am, the main parking is about half full, and the chalet has plenty of seats and tables free. After quickly getting ready, I headed out to start off on the classic Versant du Village, one of Bromont's 7 hillsides. The ride up the mountain's 385m of vertical goes quickly on the #4 chairlift, which is finishing its final year of service. It is to be replaced by a new six-passenger chairlift in time for next season.

      The mountain has trails suitable for all skill levels, from beginner slopes to expert terrain. Versant du Village has it all, from the tame Brome to the Coupe du Monde trail.
      Bromont has over 100 trails, and it is impossible to experience all that the mountain has to offer in one visit, there is just too much. Wanting to make the most of my visit, I set out to experience one or two trails per hillside.
      Starting off with Versant de la Côte Ouest.

      Next, the Versant du Midi.

      Versant des Epinettes.

      Versant du Lac.

      Versant du Village.

      A quick pause in the chalet for lunch, with some tasty paninis and some traditional poutine, then back out on the trails to visit Mont Soleil. This separate part of the mountain is home to the main beginner trails and learning area. It is also bordered by many homes, condos and ski chalets, and gives great views of the Versant du Village nearby. (Sorry, I didn't snap any pictures this visit).
      Scooting over to Versant des Cantons, which I almost forgot this visit...

      Overall, conditions were excellent. As the mountain has 7 hillsides in all directions, the ski conditions were different all over based on the orientation with the sun. Mainly it was spring skiing, due to the soft and forgiving snow. Several trails also had nice moguls and bumps forming, which I am sure pleased a lot of people.
      Main Summit of Versant du Village and Versant du Lac.

      One area that I particularly like is the summit of Versant du Village. It is very small, so small that no sooner do you get off the chairlift, you are already coming back down. This gives the unique thrill of being at the very top of the mountain. 
      Bromont is a great mountain to visit and discover. The facilities are modern and well maintained. Many slopes are re-groomed during the day to refresh the ski conditions. Plenty of trails and hillsides ensures you never get bored. You really can't go wrong. With the town of Bromont only minutes away, there are plenty of hotels, restaurants, and even factory outlets to round out your visit. 
      With a new chairlift coming next season, and plenty of trails still waiting to be discovered, I can't wait for my next visit.
      Happy Skiing. 

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