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Abandoned ski resorts documentary!


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Thanks Ocean! This is right up my alley! Beautiful scenery on the clip. There are 2 books out on the topic of Lost Ski Areas of Colorado, one of which I have.

Jeremy Davis is a ski historian from New York has put out a number of books on Lost Ski Areas back East here. I have the series of about 5 books of his and I am waiting for his latest coming out this fall, Lost Ski Areas of the Berkshires. I met and skied with him this winter at Olympia when he was visiting. Jeremy has a site of lost Ski Areas  at www.nelsap.org Nelsap is the New England/Northeast Lost Ski Areas Project. This site is loaded with photos and stories of lost areas in New England. Great site.

A friend of mine Pierre Dumas had compiled a list of all ski areas and areas that had ski jumps in Quebec, lost and still in operation, that took him quite sometime to compile. I had worked with him for a bit for the Townships region during his research. We located quite a number of areas in the Townships that I had no knowledge of! 

I have a ton of stuff on Lost Ski Areas in Quebec that eventually will make it on to SlopeEdge at some point in the future. Once I get it organized!.

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You'll be surprised at how many ski areas existed in the Laurentians at one time. Sun Valley, Mont Tyrol, Mont Fugere, Mont Plante, Mont Ste-Agathe just to name a few. What is left, is just a fraction of what there was in the day. Mont Echo, Glen Mountain, Mont Shefford, Mont Gale, Mont Pinacle to name a few in the Townships. I have explored quite a few of the places in the Townships and when you set your expectations low, figuring there is nothing to be found, and then you find something, the feeling you get is pretty cool. 

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