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Inherit a part of the Owl's Head Story! A chance to win a green chair


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*** Just in on Facebook ***  

It's safe to assume that the Green Chair will be retired and removed. Now you can win one of these historic chairs for your home.


A chance to win a green chair

Until May 15th, purchase your season pass for the 2018-2019 season, save on your subscription price and have a chance to win one of the chairs of our famous Green Chairs ski lift.

Symbol and emblem of Owl's Head, the green chairs have been part of the history of the mountain since 1978. It offers a breathtaking panorama and overlooks the majestic Lake Memphremagog.

Take advantage of this unique chance to buy some of Owl's Head's heritage!

For registration for the 2018-2019 season pass: http://owlshead.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/2019_Ski_PasseSaison.pdf

For more information : info@owlshead.com or 1 800 363-3342

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I guess this confirms it. The Green is coming down at some point. There were spare chairs around somewhere as I had seen them many years ago but I think that stock has been used up in replacing others on line over the years. I remember seeing old photos of this chair and it was actually olive green before. 

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Next weekend May 25th, there will be another opportunity to posses some Owl's Head history. They will be selling off chairs from the Panorama Double, the original Orange (Lake Chair), Baby Chair, and the Lake Quad. Yes there is a very limited supply of some leftover Green Chairs. First come first served. I would get there early for the best selection!

Visit their Facebook page for more details and pricing.



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Oddly enough, the chairs that would interest me the most (provided I had space to keep them) would be the quad Lake Chairs.

Even more so that they are the original detachable quad chairs from Breckenridge. Although, I'd still prefer a chair from the Atomic Express. :)

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I would agree that the chair of most interest to me would be the Lake Quad as well, for it's history, and where they are from. I can remove the hanger that I won't particularly need, as for the others I would have to cut them. I like the Doppelmayr style of chair, and the Quad Chair would go well with the Doppelmayr Double chair I picked up this past weekend for my back deck. I have to redo the lattes on the back and the seat, along with a good clean up. Need to build a frame to attach it to. 

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