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Mont Ste Marie - April 8, 2018

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We made it up to Mont Ste Marie just after 9am to find beautiful mind-winter conditions in April! The temperature was around -2C and there was little or no wind and the sun was out. The skiing was so good that we stayed till last chair. The runs were nicely groomed fresh snow with no ice, that gave you the confidence to really rip.  Pretty much everything was open with the best runs of the day being Dustin Cook, Formidable and Tornade Bas. I can't think of a year with conditions this good at MSM this late in the season. Usually by now only the Vanier side is open the conditions are slush. Hopefully they will stay open another weekend. Yes its been a cold April but make the best of it people, ski ski ski.... no golf yet.                                                                     


Where is everyone?





My buddy has some weird skis. 




This lunch might slow me down.


Where the Klotz are we!


Tornade Bas


Dustin Cook



Sous Bois in April


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Thanks for the report Paul. Glad to see you got out this weekend. We are hitting it very lucky to have these conditions so late in the season. Look what everyone is missing! It was the same at Owl's Head Saturday. Where was everyone? I could get off the lift, ski down, and practically ski right onto the lift in one continuous motion. Great way to rack up some laps. Nice lunch washed down with some suds. Must have been tasty! 

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Excellent report Paul. The snow is really holding on. The Ottawa-Gatineau region usually has a quick end in spring, but this season it is definitely holding its own. 

Mont Ste Marie posted 2 hours ago on their facebook page that they intend to be open again next weekend with both Cheval Blanc and Vanier. Let's hope the weather cooperates to make this possible.

I can easily remember several years ago (perhaps 2012...) that the season was all but over at the end of March, with Saint-Sauveur struggling to make it to mid-April. Big contrast with this year, no doubt it's the best spring skiing season in a very long time.

To those reading, don't miss out, get on up to the mountain this coming weekend and enjoy.

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