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Camp Fortune - April 7, 2018

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It is now the second weekend into April and thanks to recent snowfalls, the mountain couldn't have been in better shape this time of year. There is plenty of snow everywhere and the conditions are sublime. No ice, no bare patches, nothing that could ruin the experience, it was just another perfect day out on the slopes. 

There are 4 lifts and 13 runs open. All except two trails were open in the Valley and Skyline (Swan Dive and Duffy are closed). This weekend marks the end of the ski season in the Valley at Camp Fortune... as of next weekend the skiing moves to Skyline. 

For those lovers of the snowpark, you will be happy to know that it is in great shape with plenty of jumps, boxes and rails ready to jib.

Tomorrow at Camp Fortune there are two events not to miss: the 24th Annual Fortune Cup Dual Slalom and the Surf Side Says Fore!! Mini Skolf Edition.

The mountain is in excellent condition, and it is great to know that the rain earlier on in the week did not do any damage and in fact brought some fresh new snow with it.

Camp Fortune makes it a tradition to be the first to open and the last to close in the region. With the amount of snow on the mountain and the weather forecasted, there shouldn't be a problem making it to mid-April.

Here are some pictures from today


The snow park.







Happy skiing!

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Thank you for the report Shane. Great photos and video! Looks like the season could go on for a few more weeks for sure with the right weather, but from what I see for our region, a bit wet and mild. Love the sights of the old Poma double towers. Conditions look more like mid winter than spring. 

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Thanks Paul. Indeed the conditions look very much like winter, although around lunch time the snow was softening out. Not enough to create moguls though. We were lucky with the weather. Could have been quite bad if we had gotten the 20-30mm of rain. Luckily we got snow instead :)

Hopefully your region can hold on a while longer too. Sutton looks to be doing well from recent pictures.

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