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Sommet Saint-Sauveur 03/24, 03/26, 03/27, & 03/28

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It's the last week of night skiing at Sommet Sauveur! 

Saturday night was still pretty decent powder with a bit of scrapeyness underneath. I caught the last few hours of night skiing, and it was great!

Monday I also got up for the last few hours, and it was *much* slicker with the dropping temps. Met up with some friends and did a few runs!

Tuesday I arrived earlier around 4pm, and skied til sunset. Still slick but a bit mushier, signs of spring definitely showing. 

Finally, Wednesday (today) I got up around 4 again, to perfect spring conditions! I finally rode the length of a green trail on my board and didn't fall! After that I skiied about 7 runs until the migraine aura strobe of death started in my head, heralding the next barometric pressure shift. Not so great for me, but at least I got in some great daylight runs! 

I might be able to stop in tomorrow on the way to Tremblant! Time will tell.

Here are some snaps!



Saturday night by the not operational t-bar on Jay!


Monday night, things are getting pretty slick! I forget which run this is. It's much steeper than it appears though.


Tuesday, looking down cote 70 ouest.


Today's cote 70 ouest pano, shades of grey!


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Thank you for the report Ocean. I would like to get up there to end the season, but not sure if it will happen though. Depends on my schedule. I hear there is still an insane amount of snow still left on some of the trails. That should get them well into April for skiing.

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You’ll be able to ski at Sauveur thru mid May and hike it for weeks after that. Nearly all the trails are still open, Epervier and Tom whatever is getting a little exposed in spots tho. Left the city too late to bother with stopping (last night’s migraine of death threw my schedule off) but a friend was going up - wonder how late they stayed open in this rain! 

Hit me up when you plan to go! It’ll be day skiing only after Saturday :( unless they extend.


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