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Jay Peak day trip 03/25!

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Woke up Sunday morning and decided I had time to head down to Jay Peak and catch a couple of afternoon runs. This was my first trip to Jay Peak and I loved the drive through winding roads and quaint villages on both sides of the border! I picked up a ticket at the base (when you go to Jay, you can pay in CAD at par for your ticket! Alas, I had forgotten to bring cash, oh well). Although there was a wait for the tram, and it was already going to be a short day for me, I hopped in the line and waited about 10 minutes to get on the next tram. Once at the top, I hiked up to the peak to snap the view before choosing a direction. I hadn't actually looked at a Jay Peak trail map, but figured I was savvy enough to find my way on some blue runs back to the Tramside base. Notably though, there was a ton of accessible glades and black diamond mogul runs that all looked fantastic.  Conditions were great for pre/early spring, with still a lot of coverage and it was a super warm bluebird day. On my last run of the day, I ran into some familiar faces at the top of the lift - I knew two friends were at the mountain but it was a totally random meetup! So we skiied back our last run together. I had heard about the Jay Peak ramen and was totally stoked to try it! It was pretty delicious (although there are some more local ramen shops I prefer). There is also a waffle shack at the base, I guess this is a Vermont thing because these seem to be everywhere. So I grabbed a sugary delicious waffle before heading out to meet up with friends at a the Big Jay Tavern in Montgomery. Altogether a short and sweet trip, but still a good one. I may even make it back before end of the season!


First ride on the tram!


View of the other tram


View from the peak!


This dude and his buddies are from Connecticut. I really dig his pants!


View from the peak!


Guess which run I took!


I don't know the point of this midhill station but it's pretty badass! I think this run is normally a snow park?


L to R, Habib from NH, Marc from Pointe-Claire and Denise from NH - met all these guys spring skiing at Sauveur and Killington last season!


...and then there were four!


so many choices.........


Roasted sesame shoyo ramen!


the miso tram is totally badass. I was sad they were out of nigiri. I forgot to take a snap of my waffle, but it was delicious!

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The miso hungry tram menu is in my photos above there, it's all ramen and the onigiri which is like a sushi rice ball :D And yes, it was the perfect day! It's too bad I didn't get started earlier but a few hours of skiing was good for me :D 

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oops just saw this and nope not yet. I've been dying to try the waterpark though! and it's possible we'll do an overnight before season's end, depending on how my partner's on-call schedule is. It's hard to justify an overnight on something so close to home! I do find their pricepoint a little high from what I've seen so far though. On par with the Manoir. 

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