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Sommet Saint-Sauveur by night 03/24

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Headed up to "Sommet" Sauveur for some evening skiing! I started the night out on my board, at which I'm a super beginner. I took my sweet time on Red Bird, falling a few times more than last time. That'll learn me to warm up on my skis first! After deciding that was enough butt bruising for one night, I switched to my skis and hit Red Bird, Jay, Cote 70 Ouest and Est, and then capped it off with a few runs down La Plagne. Good coverage but definitely icy in some spots, overall a pretty scrapey night. Currently enjoying my apres-ski with homemade pizza and some dark & stormys, and about to use our shower to create a steam room with eucalyptus. We can always pretend we're at le nordik, right?


Just catching the last of the sunset! 


Yes, there were bumps. Beautiful organized consistent in size and spacing bumps. no, I didn't ride on them tonight! To the right of the bumps it was pretty much sheet ice and crust unfortunately. The rest of the Cote 70 was pretty decent. If you look closely, you'll see the church in the distance right in between the signs :D 

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Haha, nice Nordik joke. Looks like it was a nice sunset, reminds me of the one at Camp Fortune last Friday.

Your experience on a board reminds me of my first time (and only time) trying it at Edelweiss. One run down and near the bottom of Easy Street, I was riding it like a GT Snow Racer. Yup, if you can't do it you got to come down somehow. After that back to the skis and the fun returned. 

Thanks for sharing your story. Happy to hear I'm not the only one to have had trouble. :) 

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