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Mont Bellevue - March 24, 2018

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It had been 3 weeks since the last outing which resulted with a leg injury and being off the boards during that time. Feeling much better now, Mont Bellevue was the destination this evening to see how well the leg felt. I had pulled my calf muscle on my left leg skiing at Wildcat at the beginning of the month. Putting the boot on was fine so that was a good sign. I had arrived at the hill at 6:30 to a half filled parking lot. It had been announced that this was to be Bellevue's last weekend of the season. Tonight was the last for night skiing, plus it was freebie night for the Men. Only the quad was spinning this evening and all trails were open. The conditions were still pretty decent. Machine groomed granular snow over a firm base with one or two little spots that were bearing ice. It is very rare that you will see ice here during the season. Bellevue does and excellent job of grooming and keeping the trails in tip top shape. 


There were signs on the first pitch under the Quad indicating that spring is coming, as there were a few spots popping through where it was getting a bit thin but nothing too drastic. Most of the skiers and boarders tonight were local kids and teens getting their last turns and shreds of the season. The wait in line for the lift was non-existant. There were only two occasions where I rode the lift with someone else.

A couple of spots under the Quad showing signs of spring:


Bottom of trail 2:


One of the jumps in the snowpark:


The snowpark at Bellevue is located on trails 5 & 6 with jumps and rails. Just off to the right of this jump was where the Pomalift 1 lift line was located, which is now trail 4a.

The old Poma lift line:


After 16 runs I had had enough and ended the evening by 9:00 pm. It started snowing lightly around this time but didn't last very long. I will have to say that each time that I had skied Bellevue this year, 3 times,  the conditions were fantastic and the trails were well maintained and well groomed. We are very fortunate to have a hill like Bellevue in the city of Sherbrooke. See you again next season Mont Bellevue!

Here are a few of more scenes of the evening:






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Nice report Paul. Happy to hear that you are doing better to be able to enjoy the snow again after your fall.

It's too bad when mountains close when the snow is still holding on. I remember days long gone where they would really go to the point that there was barely enough snow to make it from top to bottom. 

So Bellevue is closing Sunday? Not pulling it to Easter weekend?

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From what I have read on their page today Sunday was their last day. Bellevue tends to be one of the early closers around. It's usually around this time they shut her down. I have never skied there in April. Might be for city budget as well, as Bellevue is operated by the city of Sherbrooke.

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