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Ski Vorlage - March 22, 2018

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Well I did it. I managed to check out every ski hill in the Ottawa/Gatineau area at least once this season. Some a lot more then once (Fortune, MSM). Anyway this afternoon Vorlage was serene with maybe a dozen people on the entire resort, perfect coverage, 17 of 18 runs open and a blue bird day with the temperature just above zero.  The place had the three main double chairs running, no t-bars.  The day felt mellow so I took it easy cruising the blues and blacks for a couple hours.  Only Headwall was closed which was a bummer but hey if I wanted a day of double diamonds I wouldn't have gone to Vorlage.  The town of Wakefield has a great vibe and Vorlage is a bit of a throwback to the days when skiing was about skiing and being with the family. Where is everyone?  Get out skiing people this weekend will be great.IMG_20180322_130648512_HDR.thumb.jpg.9fdd189eb81f47ae028d738177289297.jpg  


A great and rather empty chalet.



La Chute! 



Maple Lane, a small glade run near the top.





The bottom of Chien Chaud.. I think





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Great report Gordo. I always find it amazing that as the season comes closer to an end in our region, the mountains become quieter with less people very quickly. Their loss at great skiing is our gain. The skiing is always great, the snow more forgiving and the fun is guaranteed. Looks like it was a perfect day out on the slopes.

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Bigups for hitting all the hills around town! I always think this is a great idea but lack the efficiency to make that happen. I still haven't been to half the hills on my Sommets pass....gotta try for that next week before they all close! 

Great photos of Vorlage, I haven't been there forever, but there are definitely a few trails I really like although as you say, I do find it very "family". 

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