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Station de Ski Val Neigette Closing


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From my understanding, the sale of the lift and snowmaking system have been put on hold until a final decision has been made on the offer. The mystery mountain who has intended to purchase the Quad hasn't pulled out of the deal quite yet. June 30th we will find out what the Dufour's final decision will be. Sell the compete operation, or keep the mountain and sell off the lift, snowmaking system and the lighting system. Also I have heard there would be a sale of the rental fleet of skis and equipment if this offer is to be rejected.

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The decision is in on whether the offer from 4 investors would be accepted or not. The decision was to be made by June 30th by Val-Neigette's owner Mathieu Dufour. This was apparently the only offer on the table to save the ski area. Well, the decision was not to sell. Unless there is another last minute offer, this is the end for Val-Neigette. No official word on when the quad lift will be dismantled and moved to its new home somewhere in Ontario.


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It's been sometime now since we've had news about Val Neigette. A few years at least. The ski hill is up for sale for $1.5 Million for everything. The quad is still in place along with a t-bar. Here is the link to the latest news. I haven't been able to locate an English link at the moment.


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