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Snowshoeing - Beaver Trail in the Ottawa Greenbelt

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IMG_0780.thumb.jpg.1afac7619d64428a88c50522b256ea78.jpgAfter having received some new snow during the week , it was time to get back out on the snowshoe trails last Saturday (March 10th). This time the location was in the Ottawa Greenbelt, which is part of the NCC. The Beaver Trail is located in the Stony Creek Swamp area, about 15 minutes south west of Bayshore Shopping Centre. Typically you need a snowshoe pass to access the NCC trails in Gatineau Park, however the trails in the Greenbelt are free.

The trail is fairly flat, and on this visit, it was also well traveled so the fresh soft snow had been packed down. Luckily we went off to the sides, in the untouched snow.





There are several portions that cross wood boardwalks, over the frozen water. No doubt, the area would be quite spectacular to see in the summer, so a return visit is in order.

Overall, it is a nice area to snowshoe, and there is a trail that leads off out of the immediate area, to make your adventure last even longer. Apparently the trails from here link up to others that you can take all the way down to Kingston.





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Thanks for the recommendation. I'll be sure to check that one out. We usually go to other trails in Gatineau Park but our favorites are at Mont Cascades. Lots of hills and great views of the region.

This one was a nice quick outing in a new area.

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