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Camp Fortune - March 15, 2018

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With such killer weather and conditions I had to keep skiing, so a quick jaunt to Camp Fortune was in order.  Being a little sore from a powderfest yesterday I didn't roll into the parking lot at Skyline till 10am.  The sun was out and the place didn't look busy at all.  The trails still had a lot of perfectly groomed corduroy. I think Camp Fortune does some of the best grooming in Quebec, I just wish they would keep a couple more runs natural.  Anyway the conditions were fantastic, the snow was soft but not wet at all and having some sun was nice after a rather gloomy 2018. After almost 36cms of fresh now in the week the conditions are now mid-winter and Fortune should be well setup to get us into the middle of April.  Get out people this could be the best skiing of the season. 


Skyline on March break


The Skyline Chalet and Sparks





Top of Heggtveit




Au Naturel Sous-bois


Nothing like skiing on mountain bike trails! 




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I am simply amazed at how things have turned around after several weeks of mild weather. Winter is definitely back and it's really amazing at the amount of snow that has come. Those trails look fantastic, and I can't wait to get out (hoping for tomorrow night after work). The glades look impeccable. Au Naturel looks great, although I've never done it. Where is the best spot to enter this glade?

Can't wait... can't wait!

Thanks for sharing Gordo. Where are you off to next?

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The best entrance to Au Naturel is at the top left side of Skyway. You can either ski down on the left of Skyway and cross the Meech trail then continue down coming out at the bottom curve of Sparks. Another option is to cut farther left so you come out on North America. 

Today was great with light dry snow and the temperature around zero. In Ottawa the snow is rather wet and heavy. 

Not sure where I’m going next. Gotta work tomorrow so maybe Saturday i’ll get the skis back on. 

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