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Calabogie Peaks - March 14, 2018

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With a good 10cms of fresh snow on the ground and steady snow falling, we decided a trip to Calabogie Peaks was in order.  I usually get up there at least once a season but every time I’ve gone it’s been firm hardpack conditions and a little icy.  Today was the opposite.  Soft groomers, stashes of powder, glade action and lots a nice off trail features.  For the first time we could play in the Lake Glades which had lots of nice natural features to jump off.  Exhibition was also totally skiable and filled with untracked powder.  In fact, if you were willing to go a little off the main trails lots of stashes could be had.D2765C11-6500-4DB4-AC29-77C7D6E9535E.thumb.jpeg.6a52b6c8cd7d545f55a26aa17d071886.jpeg The temperature was around -1c, it was a little windy near the top and the snow would fall heavy all day.  Free refills and no lift lines. One bonus of the slow quads is no one is ever on the hill with you.  My one beef with the hill though is the painful flats you have to pole across at the top of the Lakeview Quad.  Also, the main upper entrance to the glades involves some skating.  The best runs of the day were Exhibition, Face of the Tiger, Finnegan and Whistling Paddy.  With so much snow most of the other runs were rather slow as they just didn’t have the pitch.  Today was great and I plan to return whenever there is loads of snow. Ski on!


At the top, lake below.



Nice stump jump!


Lake Glades




Face of Tiger with lots of fresh.




When in Calabogie.



Great snow day. 

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Conditions look fantastic.

I've never done the glades at Calabogie. How are they? Are they steep or fairly straight forward? I know there is one near the top by the Ole K&P trail (top right of the trail map) that I have checked out that was quite steep, but I haven't really seen the other ones to compare.

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The Lake Glades are marked double diamond but thats very subjective.  I'd say maybe a single black.  They are not overly steep like most of the glades at Jay peak or Sutton.  The trail runs through well spaced hard wood and white pines and feeds onto either Black Donald or the junction of the Causeway/Finnegan.  Fun times.

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