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Major investment at Tremblant - $17 million with replacement of Lowell Thomas lift


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Here are two new pictures I just saved from the Webcam at the summit.

The concrete base pillars have been set, and we should no doubt start seeing the upper terminal begin its assembly very soon.



Tremblant also posted a blog update on the progress on the Grand Manitou lodge, with some pictures. You can check it out here : https://blogue.tremblant.ca/makeover-for-le-grand-manitou/

I was initially a bit skeptical they could do such a big expansion in half a year but the way they are doing it by adding on the steel extensions then building the roof and walls seems like it will be done in record time.

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The contours and bull wheel are going up quickly. Remember that Tremblant opens November 22nd, and this will be the first lift to open for the season. With the foundations and towers going up quickly, and both terminals, the lift is forming before our very eyes each and every day.

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Technically yes the Gondola is the first to open but it is just an access lift to get to the upper mountain. Typically the Lowell Thomas is the first lift to ski laps from, and on good years the TGV as well.

For me, eager to see the new lift and the upgrades / expansion to the Grand Manitou summit chalet.

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