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Major investment at Tremblant - $17 million with replacement of Lowell Thomas lift


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Just received by email a media invitation ...

Mont Tremblant Resort invites media representatives to attend a press conference March 12 regarding new major investments.

The event is starting at 10am so sometime afterwards we will know what’s coming. I’ll be sure to share here when the press release comes out. The announcement will be webcast live on Facebook here : https://www.facebook.com/tremblant

Has anyone heard any rumours? I’m sure a new lift is in the works. Haven’t had any new lifts since the Gondola was installed in 1998 and the Soleil was installed as a result on Versant Soleil. The Destination Soleil gondola does not count as it operates on a limited schedule and doesn't serve any skiing.lowell-7.thumb.jpg.ef702deb4ccf7cc0936f217a368acb81.jpg

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I would expect more year-round access type projects to attract people in the off season, in addition to hopefully some improvements to the various lifts. Maybe they'll find a way to stick some more hotels and condos in there too.

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$17 million in investments.

  • Replacement of the Lowell Thomas (fixed grip triple) with a detachable Quad, built by Doppelmayr.
  • Expansion of the Grand Manitou, adding 400 more seats, and more windows. (photos show an additional floor will be added).
  • Some new trails (glades) will be added on the North side, bringing the total trail count to 101.
  • Expansion of the tent-style area of the North Side Fourchette du Diable into a permanent addition.
  • 31 new snow guns.
  • New snow groomer.

--- Other improvements here and there in the village and on mountain, which include improvements to the washrooms and facilities in the Chalet des Voyageurs, but the above are the major points.


You can find all the details on the official release here: https://www.slopeedge.net/content/17-million-dollar-investment-in-station-mont-tremblant-infrastructures

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"Reinvented foodservice area" in the Le Grand Manitou! More glades will be nice as the Edge is not always open.  The plans seem very ambitious. The window to build the new summit lodge is pretty tiny. Like May till October. Good luck with that.

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Tremblant has posted an update to their blog with plenty of pictures showing the progress to date on the removal of the Lowell Thomas triple to make room for its detachable quad replacement. 

Check it out here. 


interesting uses for some of the old lift’s components.

I’ll post new links as new entries are posted by Tremblant. 

Very excited to see this new lift arrive. With the exception of The Edge the mountain will now be entirely served by detachable high speed lifts. ( Porte du Soleil doesn’t count as it’s mainly an access lift from the parking ).

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