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Mont Cascades - March 3, 2018

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717CB0F4-E198-4EBF-97B4-5F25769BEB4F.thumb.jpeg.3aea53ce50768b6fb57dc97fcb3847f0.jpegWell I think the last time I was at Mont Cascades was like in grade 9! So with a few hours to spare on Saturday morning I decided to check it out. Having totally forgotten the lay out I parked at the first lot. I arrived around 9:30 and overnight we had gotten a light dusting of wet snow, maybe 2cms.  Anyway I went into the chalet to get my lift ticket.  The girl at the small concession stand informed me that they don’t sell tickets here and I would have to drive over to the main lot.  No thanks my ski boots were already on so I just got on the lift.  I took the old triple to the top and skied over to the other side to buy a three hour ticket.  The conditions were decent considering the terrible weather we have had for almost three weeks.  All the groomed runs were well covered and the bit of fresh stuff helped a lot.  I skied pretty much everything that was open sticking mostly to the steeper side with Competition, Exhibition and the blue run Hogan that runs and twists through the woods on the far side. The place was pretty quiet with almost no lines and the new east quad is quick.  Not a bad little resort but maybe a tad tame for my liking. Ski on! 


Nice view of the Gatineau river and Camp Fortune in the distance. 


Kinda weird going up the lift with water slides all around you. 








A bit of fresh stuff under your skis.





I like Competition. 



Entering Hogan

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Conditions look to be holding up quite well. In the city and even across Gatineau, plenty of bare grass everywhere. Thank god for man-made snow to save the day and keep everything almost completely open.

Thanks for sharing about the lift tickets being available only on the main side, I didn't know. Having said that, I also never park on the World Cup side, nor have I ever been inside that lodge.

Mont Cascades has been making some good improvements the past few years, with the new quad lift, and the long magic carpet that was installed this season.

Hogan is quite a nice trail. Gratton is fun as well, although rarely open whenever I've been.

Thanks for sharing your day on the slopes.

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Thanks for the report Paul. I have not seen or heard a lot about Cascades. For me it looks interesting, never skied there. I see the snow is holding up on the trails. Doesn't look thin yet on the trails with snowmaking, just the natural snow trails. They would have taken a beating. Vorlage is another I don't hear a lot about either. Someday I'll get up there and do the tour.

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Yeah Mont Cascades seems to fly a little under the radar. The place seems more known for its summer water park.  They had plans to expand the mountain on the backside facing the river but I haven’t heard much lately. 

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Yup, it was to become a mini Tremblant. Who knows, it may still happen. It seems like there is some opposition from the local community against the expansion plans, especially along the water front. Nonetheless, they should still expand the skiing, the plans call for quite the build out.

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