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Sommet Edelweiss - February 18, 2018


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Got up to Edelweiss for some night skiing just before 3pm.IMG_20180218_151802404.thumb.jpg.7c2cfdb24cfe3ab4e334009d06fe399a.jpg  The sun was out, it was about -2c and the place was packed.  The parking lot was pretty much full and the lineup for tickets was slow. For some reason on one of the busiest weekends of the ski season they only had one ticket booth open. Anyway I finally traded in my online ticket for a real one and got on the lift.  Night skiing tickets on Sunday that are bought 24hrs in advance online are only $20.  All three quads were running. The high speed quad was the only lift with a line so I jumped on the slow Strief quad so I could ski the non-light runs while the sun was still out.  Everything was open with the exception of West Coast.  I powered down the Eastern Bowl, the twisty Shotgun and Descent Telesiege under the lift.  The snow was hard packed with icy patches but my edges held fine.  After about 5 or 6 runs I hooked up with a buddy who was trying to get rental skis in the disorganized rental area.  I think it took him like an hour to get his gear!  After we skied are legs off till about 8pm with a short break for a drink and a crazy "Skier Poutine".  When the sun went down we stuck to the wide groomer Zoomer that runs under the high speed quad and Olympic/Strief on the right side of the hill.  All in all it was beautiful Sunday night with a killer sunset.  















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Wow the place must have been very busy for all three quads to be running. I can't remember the last time I went where they had more than just the Edelbahn detachable running.

How was Shotgun? I haven't done it in many many years. The lead up and middle section are quite enjoyable but the drop near the end always gets me. Very exciting and unexpected for those not familiar with it.

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I really like Shotgun. It has a great feel, twisting through the narrow trail with fir trees on both sides and then opening to the steep drop. The only problem is people stop right at the edge of the drop blocking the entry.  I also like Decent Telesiege.  West Coast had man made snow piles on it, so it should open soon if the coming rain doesn't kill all our snow.

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Nice report Paul. Great pics too. Gives me a good idea of what Edelweiss offers for trails. I have never skied there before and it does interest me. That poutine looked pretty sweet too! Washing that down with a brew must have been nice. 

They must have been caught off guard with the amount of skiers to only have 1 ticket window open. Is it always this crowded late on a Sunday?

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Normally its probably not to busy on Sunday night but with Monday being a holiday (Family Day) in Ontario it was a long weekend.  I suspect they get a few people though as the lift tickets are cheap and Camp Fortune is not open on Sunday night.

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I was also at Edelweiss on the 19th, only I got out around 5 or so. Being a Sommets passholder, I waltzed right onto the lift and only several days later it occurred to me they don't have scanners like at Sommet Sauveur. oops! I meant to check out the little green runs at the top of the Meister 4000 lift but left it too late at night and it closed before I had a chance. I also missed out on Shotgun for the same reason, but I was reminded that I find even the bottom section of Strief super steep! Otherwise a perfect night in great conditions! I slacked on Monday and paid for that mistake Tuesday and Wednesday. Thursday and Saturday were a little slick in comparison. I skipped Sunday due to a family dinner, and headed back up on Monday 26th (still a bit slick at night) and Tuesday 27th (early spring conditions, still reasonable coverage, some icy spots). I captured tonight's quick ride on Trace: http://snow.traceup.com/stats/u?uId=765258&vId=2988147 

I'm headed back to Mtl this week but am stoked to find this board! 

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