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Bromont - Chairlift #4 down


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Chairlift #4 (the main detachable quad on the Versant du Village) has been out of service since Tuesday/Wednesday last week. The cause is vibrations/oscillations and noise from the bull wheel at the summit. Not wanting to take any chances, the lift is being inspected to determine the cause and repaired. Already the bull wheel has been removed and moved to the base of the mountain for repairs.

You can see more in this great video Bromont created about what's going on, attached below.

Earlier on this winter, the Quebec government announced support and investment into Bromont, which included some funding for a new six-pack chairlift. No doubt, this lift is for the Versant du Village, to replace the #4 lift. While no further details have come out, and due to the fact that they also mention at the time a summit chalet will be constructed in the near future, it is possible that this new lift could be a Hybrid lift like at Orford, consisting of six-pack chairs and gondola cabins.

Either way, let's hope this all comes to pass over the summer and fall so that skiers are treated to a more reliable lift. The #4 lift is the primary lift of the mountain and among the absolute first generation of detachable quad chairlifts. It has served it's time and has reached the point of replacement.

What are your thoughts? Have you heard any rumors or have any news to share?

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I haven’t heard any rumours about what will or would happen. I have read that a lot of people have not been happy with the performance of this lift for the past few seasons and that Bromont has waited way too long to replace this aged lift. It is great that they are not taking any chances with the lift and are doing what’s necessary to find out what is wrong, and they are lucky to have another lift that runs along side of this one to carry the people up the mountain, but it runs slower than the detachable which makes the wait in line that much longer. It is another example of the aged lift systems in Quebec and the problems they go through. Ste Anne and Stoneham have had their share of lift issues in the past and this year Owl’s Head has been bitten by the bug now.

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The worst news was that yesterday there was a period where the #3 lift was also out of service for about an hour. Both lifts down leaves no way to ski or get to the rest of the mountain. I would assume at that time the magic carpet and the beginner area of Mont Soleil were busy. 

Definitely hope things improve. It’s a very nice mountain with some great trails and variety.  The lifts seem to be the acheles heel of the resort. Prefer to check the website for trail status and not needing to check lift status. 

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Well this is poor news. Surprising that a mountain that seems to make an awful lot of money (among the top in the province it would seem) has issues with their lifts. Unbelievable. Year after year, and throughout the seasons you can check their website and they alternate between the fixed grip and the detachable. So no doubt they have more issues, but depending on the day of the week are able to make it show less due to the lower impact. About time for a new lift. It was installed in 1985, like other lifts that were the original detachables, such as the Atomic at Saint-Sauveur and the #2 at Sutton. The only quad detachables that are older in North America it would seem is the Quicksilver Superchair that was originally at Breckenridge (a prototype if you will) which was built in 1981. So these lifts really mark the beginning of this type of quad lift.

What gets to me is that the Versant du Village detachable at Bromont has infinitely more issues than the Atomic Express at Saint-Sauveur, yet they were built the same year.

Come on guys!!! If you are gonna build the new lift in the summer, perhaps now is the time to announce it instead of having the lift still out of operation and people scratching their heads wondering when this madness will end.

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