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Mont Gleason - February 17, 2018


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After a couple of weeks since my last outing, a visit to Mont Gleason was in order for the day. Leaving Sherbrooke at 7:15 I arrived at the mountain an hour later. Temperature was -12 under a sunny bluebird sky. The Quad chair opens at 9:00 so with the early arrival I had plenty of time to wind down from the drive and take my time getting ready for the day. Also when you arrive this early, parking is great, right close to the chalet. Today the Quad and Double chair were spinning along with the Magic Carpet in the learning area. the T-bars were not operating today. After the short warm spell with a touch of rain from the past couple of days, the conditions were actually pretty good. Groomed granular over a firm base was what was awaiting everyone this morning. Coverage was decent everywhere. The glades were not on the menu as they were pretty risky with the wet and freeze. 


The warm up to start the day was down the Pierre-Ling easy trail off to the right of the top of the Quad. Then it was over to the Ling and the Cascades trail that runs under the Quad. Conditions were better than expected. Usually they would have been fast and hard after a warm up and rain. The grooming team did a fine job to get the trails in great shape.

The Pierre-Ling:


The Ling:


The Cascades Trail:


The line up at the Quad was rather light to start the day and after a few more runs, it started to build up so the singles line was the plan and worked rather well. 2-3 minute wait at the most. After some more rides up the Quad, it was over to the double chair were the wait there was no more than a few minutes.


The traffic on the trails was light and there was plenty of room to ski. By 11:30 it was time to have lunch and to beat the noon time rush. Lunch was a bowl of french onion soup and some water, in the chalet at the summit. It is a very nice place to warm up and to have a bite to eat. The food here is really good and reasonably priced.


After lunch it was back at it and more rides up the Quad and the Double. The line ups by early afternoon were starting to get longer at both lifts. By this time the top pitch on the Ling was getting scraped down as there was a training course set up on one third of the width of the trail with a passing area down the middle and moguls on the last third.


By 2:00 pm and after 18 runs it was time to call it a day. By now the lineups were getting long. Something like what I would have expected earlier in the morning. Overall it was a great day in the morning sun skiing on some pretty good conditions. Every visit that I have made here to Gleason has always been enjoyable and the conditions have been great. I guess that is what brings me back every year for a visit.

Here are a few more scenes from the day:




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The size of the summit chalet at Gleason I think is smaller, as Gleason is a smaller hill than Sutton and does not have the large clientele that Sutton has. They just expanded the summit chalet a bit. More area for the kitchen and stock room. The main chalet at the base of Gleason is very adequate in size and handles the large room rush. The menu at the summit chalet is different as well. You would find more of lighter lunch type menu with soupes, veggie chili, specialty pizzas, and the usual beverages. I took a quick photo of the inside as people were arriving at the same time. I took it with my iPhone but didn’t think to take the photo in panorama mode. It gives you an idea of what it is like though. It quite comfy and rustic inside. There are washrooms here as well.


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Wow great picture Paul. Gives a great idea. I like the high ceiling and roof. And the fireplace has that Sutton feel to it too. 

Edelweiss in Gatineau just to have a big fireplace in the chalet... well it is still there but closed off with bricks and in the openings have placed gas fireplaces instead. The real deal will always win.

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