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Camp Fortune - February 14, 2018


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Here is a quick report on conditions at Fortune.  Today was gorgeous, sunny and a high of 4. The runs were fast hard packed snow with a little bit of icing on top. The trails are in good shape and softened a tad by midday. Camp Fortune has managed to survive the freezing rain we had on Sunday very well.  I arrived at around 9:30 and was shocked by how busy it was. I guess everyone had the same idea. The lines were fast but I have to say the older crowd were acting like stoned teenagers. They couldn't line up well, they were falling getting on the lift, or standing to close to the chair as it turned around, it was like a bunch of retires who hadn't skied in like 5 years decided to go skiing today. Anyway I survived the mayhem and checked out Meech which is always quiet and the Valley. Slalom races were being held on Slalom and Canadian/Chute.  Overall a great day to get some sun and power down some groomers. Now lets hope for more snow and no rain! Ski on. 


Nice view, I think I see Vorlage. 


The passage to Heggtveit


Looking over the edge of Heggtveit. Steep and fast. 


Snow close up.


The woods beside the Meech chair.  Possible low angle blue rated glades? 




North American with all natural snow base. No one was on it. 


North American


Bump run on Clifford in the valley.


Slalom looking toward the main lodge.


Race on Slalom. The natural run Duffy to the left.


Trick/jump park on Pineault.


Skyline in all its glory. 


Kicking up dust on Heggveit.



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I didn't ski Duffy on the 14th but I have in the past.  The run is naturally bumpy as its basically a rock face. You start from the top of Slalom and go into the trees for a bit then come out at the top of the run.  Its fun when there is lots of fresh snow.  Back in the day there used to be a wood frame ski jump in the spot.

Here are some pictures of Duffy from this time last year. Man we had a lot of snow!



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