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Camp Fortune - February 4, 2018

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More snow, so I had to ski.  Went for a quick 4 hour mission with my sister to Fortune. With the new RFID system you can load 4 hours or a full day from home and skip any ticket line.  The  new gates also show you how long you have until your hours run out.  We arrived at Skyline around 8:30 just as the lifts started.  10cm had dropped already and the snow would continue for the rest of the day.  We blasted down Heggtveit for the first few runs then moved across the hill.  The new snow made the conditions great for the first couple hours before the soft snow got pushed around a bunch.  Hiding under the fresh was some spots of icy hard pack that showed up on Upper Canadian and Heggtviet. Skyline started to get a little busy by around 10 but the lines moved quick.  All in all, another great day of skiing with temperatures around 0c and light snow falling.  February is bringing the goods!DSCF1154.thumb.jpg.68eef20d42e21f94b983d65d6c4973bf.jpg




When is Craigsmarc and Swan Dive going to open?


My sister rocking some old school goggles.



Some bigger lines by 10am



Even the old triple was running in the valley.


North America? you must be ready.



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Wow fantastic snow up at the mountain. The snow is still lightly coming down. February is definitely delivering. Let's keep hoping for more snow to be able to push the season as long as possible.

Regarding North American, Camp Fortune left us this comment on our Facebook page.


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Nice report. You guys can send the snow our way please? I think you have gotten more than we have. It's snowing tonight in the townships and had some snow today but we need a big dump! Looks like some nice skiing on something other than granular scraped off of a bullet proof base.

To the left of the Quad, is that an old lift line or a narrow trail? Looks like you had another good ski day.

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The double chairlift, built by Poma, I'm pretty sure was removed sometime around 2007-2008. The lift towers are still standing between the trees in the middle and upper areas. Interestingly at the top it was a floating bullwheel, suspended by the main cable and the counterweight. I never rode it myself though.

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Thanks for the info. I find it cool that some mountains leave leftovers behind like that. The Poma double at Glen Mountain where I started skiing had a floating bull wheel and the lift is still standing today. Mont Alta in the Laurentians their Poma Double had a floater as well. That lift is long gone.

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Amazing how Camp Fortune has not drastically changed over the years. The main trails have stayed as they were from somewhat earlier days, but just refined and polished. You could easily remove those two lifts and superimpose a current picture of the same angle and the trails would virtually be the same. Nothing wrong with that, as the trails are great just the way they are. I remember the double chairlift but never rode it, from what I can remember.

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