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Sommet Edelweiss - January 26, 2018

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It was a Friday night and there's nothing better than leaving the office with a stop at the mountain to start the weekend on the right ski. Destination was Sommet Edelweiss. Offering the highest vertical drop for night skiing in the region, all the trails except two (Easter Bowl and Descente Telesiege) were open.

A decent amount of people were present but the lineup at the Edelbahn Express, the only lift open aside from the Magic Carpet, was non-existant the entire night. Just ski up and go.



Conditions were quite good, full snow coverage, firm base with little to no ice anywhere.

Meeting up with my good friend René, and his pals Pat and Jay, we conquered the slopes. The weather was hovering around -5 to -10'c however the winds at the summit were surprisingly strong and I wouldn't have been surprised if the temperature at the top felt a good 10 degrees cooler as a result.

Starting off on the beginner trails, first up was Chemin des Bois.




Next up was the classic Easy Street.






Moving across the mountain in search of some more speed was Zoomer.



The expert terrain of Strief and Olympic were also in excellent condition, providing great steeps and drops into the valley below. Unfortunately, I didn't snap any pictures during this visit, but it seems like Edelweiss has slightly modified the left-hand side of the trail to be a bit smoother as it used to have a much more pronounced drop to it when compared to the right-hand side.

A great time out on the slopes and an unforgettable evening that took TGIF to new heights and new summits.



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Nice night to be on the slopes. The conditions look great and few people. Surprised that EasterBowl was not open. I think it was recently, odd it's closed now though.

Usually my biggest quibble with Edelweiss is the chalet, old, small and outdated, but on days like this where it isn't packed to the door it's fun and enjoyable. And definitely can't go wrong with being able to access all the trails from one lift. 

A+ for night skiing for sure!

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Thanks for the report Shane. Conditions look pretty good considering the weather we have been getting lately. Hopefully February will be better and  we will get more snow. Great video and photos! It really gives you a good idea of what the terrain there is like. Looks interesting.

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I agree, I was surprised by the snow condition quality. I was expecting something less but was pleasantly surprised. The big deception with Edelweiss is that while there are only 6-7 real main ways down the mountain, they are all quite fun and enjoyable and have a good length to them. In addition, Chemin des Bois and Easy Street allow you to cross back and forth 3-4 times if you wish, so you can make your descent as unique as possible.

Plus the detachable quad makes the ride up that much smoother and quicker.

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