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Number of trails and what constitutes a trail - at Edelweiss and elsewhere


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Probably because...Back when DNF was open it was always pure ice unless a snowfall occurred that day or the previous day. They also only had it open for about 30% of the ski season on average as it was too steep to get a proper base.  When I skied it a couple weeks ago it was perfect because we have had so much snowfall this year it just felt like I was skiing another ungroomed powder trail in the Rockies.

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@Tommy Pic awesome! 

And yeah, I maybe got taken down DNF once with a hotshot ski instructor back in the day, but I remember more we would do Shotgun and get to that one super steep pitch and it would be sheet ice. I remember just edging down the edge of the trail. Although there were at least a few times I did it on my own. Last time would have been 8th grade so maybe 1991? I actually have not been on Shotgun in the recent years I've been back to Edelweiss because it's closed at night. I'm wondering if I'd still be freaked out by the pitch, I find even Streif is slightly terrifying on that one section lol.

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