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Mont Bellevue - January 17, 2018


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It had been about 3 weeks since my last visit to Mont Bellevue, and at the time it was -15 degrees plus a breeze and 4 trails open. This night everything was available. I arrived at the mountain at 6:45 to a full parking lot. Not a space to be had, so street parking was in order. Actually it wasn't too bad. Parked down near where the Quad is and it was just a short little hike to get to the chalet.


When I got to the chalet to pick up a lift ticket, there was a line up from the ticket windows to about 2 thirds of the way to the Pomalift. The wait was about 15 minutes. I had never seen this in the times that I have been to Bellevue, but being that it was Ladies Night everyone decided to come out and enjoy their mountain. Good business was had tonight. It got to a point where they had someone distributing tickets in line to the ladies 18+ to get them started on their evening and to help thin out the line. That worked really well. Super idea.


This time everything was available. Both the Quad and Poma were in operation, The temperature was -7 degrees and no breeze at all. 10 trails were open on machine groomed packed powder over a firm base. Bellevue really did a great job getting back on track after the thaw and rain we had a week or so ago. When I got my ticket I was ready to go. Knowing that the Quad would be busy, Poma it was. The line up there was only 5 minutes. I spent a good hour and a bit doing laps using the Poma. It is fast, runs a bit faster than the Quad does, so more laps you can make.


After at about 8:45 or so, it started to thin out so I headed over to the Quad and there was still a bit of a line up there but the singles line was efficient and the wait was just a few minutes. A few runs on the Quad and it was back to the Poma for a few more turns. It was noticeable by 9:15 that the crowd was really thinning out. The parking lot was emptying out and the line at both the Poma and Quad were now pretty much non existant. 


By 9:45 I was done. 17 runs on a ticket price of $13.50. I surely got my money's worth tonight where upon arrival , I thought it was going to be more waiting than skiing. Another fabulous evening at Bellevue and I am sure everyone else did as well.

Here are a few more scenes from the evening:





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